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Here is the meaning of your love nickname

My Love, my baby, my darling, my Treasure, my Rabbit, my Chip… Six out of ten French people give a nickname to their partner! And this little nickname that has attributed to you or that you yourself have given, is far from trivial! So here is the meaning of your love nickname.


Here is the meaning of your love nickname:

If in a time that is distant to us, men called their half “Granny” or “My dulcinée”, in our time, the “My baby” or the “My heart” are much more common.


First of all, giving a nickname is not at all trivial, quite the contrary. We do this because, unconsciously, it allows us to mark our territory. We also very often use the possessive “my” or “my” to call our partner. This indicates: “Be careful, it belongs to me”, especially when we use these little nicknames in public.

The most given names?

1: Honey

2: My heart

3: Baby (especially in young people under 25 years old)


4: Mom/Dad (yes, if I assure you ahah! This nickname is mostly used among seniors who live in the countryside).

5: Chouchou/Loulou (hey, hey, we wonder where this one comes from!).

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Now let’s see what your nickname says about your couple (Here is the meaning of your love nickname)

1/ The classics

“My love”, “my darling”, “my heart”, “my baby”, “my flea” (…).

These nicknames are clearly the most used among the French. You didn’t dig your head too deep and almost mechanically assigned one of these nicknames to your other half. This proves that you want to mark your territory. Indeed, you opted for a nickname but you preferred to opt for a basic so as not to take the risk of ridiculing yourself, especially in public.


Note that “Love” is very often the marker of a passionate relationship in which intimate relationships have a great place.

2/ The invented

Dabou, Tana, Bibou, Tounou, Nouni and what else do I know!

These nicknames, which you have created from scratch, show the great complicity that reigns within your couple. You have passed the fusion stage and have replaced the crazy passion of the beginnings with an unparalleled complicity.

Often, this little nickname becomes specific to both entities of the couple. There is a good bet that in your couple we are not bored and that laughter is often at the rendezvous!


No problem of judgment, you do not care what people may think, you call your half “Tounou” without any problem in front of others, it is YOUR little emotional nickname, no one else has the same!

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3/ Animal nicknames (Here is the meaning of your love nickname)

“My doe”, “My rabbit, “My chick”, “My wolf”. Not all animal nicknames say the same thing about your couple. We can say that there are two categories:

Sexual animal nicknames: My lioness, my buffalo, my stallion, my cat… These are colorful nicknames! The couples who use them have fun in bed together and show imagination regarding the intimacy of their relationship. It is also a marker of admiration on the part of the person who employs it.

Tender animal nicknames: My kitten, my doe, my chick… These little animal nicknames are undeniably the sign of tenderness. This shows the desire of the one who attributes it, to protect his/her partner.


4/ The cute

“Chou”, “Chouchou”, “Loulou”, “Minou”

Although they des-eroticize the relationship a little (do not tell me that “Cabbage” is exciting)… These little emotional nicknames show that there is a real tenderness within your couple as well as a beautiful complicity.

5/ The Romantics (Here is the meaning of your love nickname)

“My loved one”, “My sweet”, My angel”, “My dove”.

If for some, these nicknames are outdated, for others, they are the sign of a great poetry. Let’s take the particular example of “my angel.” This nickname shows a great idealization on the part of the partner who uses it.


These nicknames are markers of sensitivity and softness within the relationship.

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6/ The precious

My jewel, my treasure.

These little nicknames show that the one who uses them finds his/her exceptional partner. He proves to her by calling her that he (she) is unique in his eyes and wants everyone to know.

7/ The weird (Here is the meaning of your love nickname)

“My little poop”, “My big biquette”, “My big teddy bear”


Although it may start from a good intention, subconsciously, people who use these nicknames to their partner have something to reproach them for. We do not adorn the one we love more than anything with “droppings”, “big”… It seems that there is clearly a subliminal message… It’s up to you to find out which one!

Also, when a woman calls her man by a feminine nickname, for example “biquette”, it implies that she does not feel protected by the latter. Maybe a hidden message to tell her that she would like to be more reassured?

8/ The real name

And yes, it is the first name that is most used among couples! According to a study by TNS Soffres, 82% of French couples call themselves by their first name most of the time.

For my part, when my man calls me by my first name, it makes me all funny. I am so used to hearing him challenge me with little nicknames that when he says “Léa”, I get chills!


And the surname?

When we call his or her darling by his surname it is, most of the time, that he will be severelyrated!

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