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sexting to send to a woman

SMS is the language most used to seduce. And in recent years, its primary purpose has been hijacked. We went from texting to sexting: the naughty smsIt is becoming a means of communication increasingly used in seduction . Some remember and still love fiery love letters, but today, with new technologies, sexts make it possible to meet these new expectations of instant consumption. 

Excitement on demand and almost immediate response, this is the basis of communication by sexting. Here are some examples of sexting to send to a woman.



The basics of sexting

Of course, sexting should be handled with a minimum of caution. Don’t send this kind of text message to a woman you barely know.

It is necessary to have established a minimum of seduction and intimacy beforehand.

Moreover, sexting makes it possible to arouse an envy in a recently met woman, newly intimate, but also to maintain the desire within the couple, and especially in long-distance relationships.

Logically, in a sext exchange, the goal is zero taboo and raw words are often de rigueur. However, you have to know your partner well enough to know what she likes and not be heavy, vulgar or trashy.


Keep in mind that the goal is to take into account desires, fantasies and preferences to make him want you. Otherwise sexting is useless.

Do I still like it?

Sexts to send to a woman (sexting to send to a woman)

Depending on your mood and that of your partner, depending on the message you want to convey, here are some examples of sexts to use without moderation.

Sexting promises

These are the sexts that we send to give an overview of what is going to happen. A way to make promises about the “more if affinities” to come!

“Tomorrow is carte blanche. You can do anything you want to me. »


“Tonight I want you to lie down and close your eyes, I take care of your pleasure.”

“I would be naked the second you go home.”

“I go back to unstapling your bra and then I pass my tongue over your breasts. Do you want the rest?! »

“For your punishment, you will have 3 spankings!”


“You have 5 minutes to go down, I’m waiting for you in the room, I’m exhausted”

“I’m hungry for you now, if you knew everything that goes through my head… »

“I’ll give you 5 minutes to come back to the apartment and jump on it!”

« A massage against a naughty outfit, deal? »


“I hope you are lying next to me so that I can walk through your body with my tongue.”

The sexting demands and fantasies (sexting to send to a woman)

These sexts are ideal for couples who need fantasy and spice up their intimate lives.

The ideal man is not the one you believe

“What’s the naughty thing I can do to you tonight?”

“A little tasting session on my bare chest, you say?”


“Tonight I want you to blindfold me and do what you want with me? Are you okay? »

“Your warm hands and your tongue on my body, in 20 minutes at home. Heading or not heading? »

“What did you plan for tonight? Because if you want to excite me like yesterday, I say yes right away… »

Sexting to raise desire (sexting to send to a woman)

Sexting is also a way to make others want and to rekindle the flame of desire by writing words to raise the heat until the moment of seeing each other.


“I touch myself thinking of you.”

“I need your naked body now.”

“I dreamed of you yesterday, now I can’t think of anything other than your body on mine.”

“I’m in the shower, are you joining me?”


“I want you so much, now, when do you arrive?”

“I’m waiting for you in the room, I don’t hold anymore.”

“I want to have sex so much that I feel like I’m going to explode. When are you there? »

“I can’t concentrate at work, I want you there now, right away.”


“When I think about your breasts, I go crazy!”

“The picture you sent me makes me crazy, the day is going to be long.”

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