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How to kiss well?

How to kiss well? This may sound silly as a question especially if you are not at your first kis-s. And yet! Many think they know how to master the art of kissing when it is not at all! First of all, let’s review the basics.

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How to kiss well? The basics:

Without the language:

Kissing without the tongue is simply like kissing a person on the mouth, on the lips. More commonly called the “smack”, this kiss can be done in different contexts: in the morning when you wake up, in the evening before going to bed or at any time of the day. This kiss is simple: your lips will just have to rest on those of your darling. It is a kiss as you usually give to a family member or friend for example, except that it gives itself on the mouth.


You can also kiss without using your tongue in a very sensual and exciting way. It is enough to perform slight sucking: your lips and those of your partner mix and stimulate each other by stroking themselves.

With the language:

“Roll a shovel, a skate, a paloche” so many expressions that can very quickly disgust the kiss with the tongue. This one should be soft, light and languid. The goal is not to turn your tongue as quickly as possible in your mouth, nor to give it teeth and even less to push your tongue to its glottis.

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How do I do this?

– You look your darling in the eyes and you bring your lips closer to his.


– You stick your mouth to his while gradually opening it sensually.

Your tongue will come to caress his. Start with the tip of the tongue: there is no need to put the whole tongue for the kiss to be successful, quite the contrary!

Do not forget the important part played by your hands that can be placed on the size of your partner, his back, his neck or in his hair.

– No need to turn your tongue clockwise! Tongues are simply caressed. If you absolutely want to turn your tongue: make small rotations, very light, while stroking your darling’s tongue.


the others:

In addition, we must not forget all the other small kisses that make the body shiver, especially women whose entire body is erogenous! Offer him tender kisses in the neck while you stroke his lower belly and your success is assured.

The 5 qualities of a successful kiss according to experts

1/ Tell yourself that a kiss is an art

Embracing is not a science but an art! Obviously, everyone is different and will not like the same thing, it is precisely up to you to discover what will make your partner succumb! There are a lot of ways to kiss!

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Science is about measurement, precision, durations, exact numbers. Whereas, when we embrace, we are in the feeling, the alchemy, the feeling, the emotion and the listening of the other!

2/ A good kiss will combine several techniques

A real successful kiss is often the mixture of several technique. The best way to kiss your partner is to combine a soft and natural kiss, with a few small strokes of the tongue, sensual caresses.


You can also start by kissing your darling very tenderly and then become a little more “brutal” suddenly, by grabbing her hair, neck.

3/ Be receptive to your partner’s body language

You will feel very quickly when you kiss your darling, whether or not the feeling works. You really need to listen to your partner, whether it’s a kiss or more.

If you see that, when you offer him a kiss with the tongue, he prefers rather to bite your lips, then accept the proposal. If you want to change your posture, make it understood by the gestures as well.

4/ Be totally present

Again, this may seem surprising because it seems obvious, yet not everyone applies this “rule”. You must be “thoroughly”, thinking only of the present moment, only of the kiss that you are giving and receiving.


If you’re thinking about something else, even if it’s only two seconds, your partner will realize it and enjoy your kiss much less. You also don’t have to be thinking about how you’re kissing him. Otherwise, you will enter the “science” by forgetting the “art” of kissing.

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5/ Give your partner positive feedback

If you enjoyed her kiss, really feel free to tell her. “Houtou what do you kiss well”. It’s the kind of compliment that flatters a lot and makes you want to do even better next time!

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