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How to make your relationship last?

This is, a priori, the goal of all real couples: to last as long as possible! But, how exactly do you make your relationship last? It’s going to take time, energy, and real teamwork. Because as a couple, there are two of you! Follow our few tips to know how to do it correctly in the long term:


Several rules to have in mind on a daily basis

Of course, a couple must be above all a journey of two that carries you mutually. Your relationship should not be unhealthy or unbalanced. Otherwise, it is important that you solve these problems before embarking on techniques to make your couple last! It’s good, you love your spouse and he/she loves you in return? Are you on an equal footing? Let’s go for effective advice! (How to make your relationship last?)


First of all, know how to make compromises. Yes, I hope you are the type to agree to do it, otherwise, we have bad news for you… Your partner can’t constantly comply with all your requirements, and vice versa! It will regularly be necessary to find common ground, a happy medium between your opposing opinions. Because over time, be sure that you won’t always agree. And you might as well avoid turning your disagreement into a conflict between the two parties!

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So it goes hand in hand with the acceptance of the other. The acceptance of the other as he is, and not as you would like him/her to be, the acceptance of not wanting to change him/her to conform to your desires. In a lasting couple, you have to know how to adapt without disrupting your habits or your rhythm of life. This requires a great and beautiful mutual trust. (How to make your relationship last?)

This trust, you will manage among other things to maintain it by supporting each other whatever happens. Do not close your eyes to your partner’s problems, nor to yours! It is essential that you communicate regularly, and that you confide your problems, and listen to those of your partner. Be there for one another, even more so in difficult times.

Not to mention.(How to make your relationship last?)

Start and end the day together! If you live together of course, maintain the complicity of your couple by enjoying your privileged moments in the morning and evening. Certainly fatigue can be an obstacle to your development, but try not to focus on it, but rather on your charming partner!


Be happy, and attentive to all these little joys of everyday life. It is far too simple, and harmful, to focus daily on what is wrong. So, change your look, and smile! Rediscover the world, its beauty, and that of your darling! And also, encourage one another in the trials of everyday life. You’ll have enough people in your life trying to put obstacles in your way, so don’t hit each other

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Maintain the game of seduction! Over time, the routine becomes a pernicious enemy of the couple. So say goodbye to him thanks to some frankly uncomplicated ideas. Treat yourself to small original gifts for no reason, take turns organizing small surprise weekends, make yourself romantic surprises, regularly make yourself sincere compliments, stick cute post-it notes all over your house/apartment to the address of your other, have romantic dinners (no need to go to restaurants, candles, a good meal, a nice outfit, and you’re there!)

Learn to speak the language of your partner, it is essential to have a good and useful communication! Discover our article on the five languages in couple, you can even do the test to know yours and that of your partner! (How to make your relationship last?)

Finally, try new experiences together, sports, cultural, artistic, touristic etc… Either way, never judge your partner. Respect yourself above all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Respect comes through your thoughts, your actions, your words. So be careful not to demean your partner, consciously or not. You will come out of it grown and stronger on a daily basis!


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