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Insurance per km driven: how is the value calculated?
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Insurance per km driven can be a good option for those who drive their car a little.

With innovations in the insurance market, new products have emerged. Insurance per km driven is one of them and has attracted many interested parties


In search of more affordable prices, this type of contract generates interest. As it is new, there are still many doubts about the subject, how this insurance works and what it covers.

Insurance per km driven: how is the value calculated?

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What is insurance per km driven?

As the name suggests, insurance per km driven has its price calculated based on how much the vehicle runs.

Although the calculation basis is different, it offers different coverage. It is possible to count on total loss, partial loss, robbery, theft, coverage against third parties, passenger protection and others.


The protections available for the vehicle vary from one insurer to another. They must be verified when signing up for the service. In addition, there is 24-hour assistance such as towing and mechanical assistance.

Anyone who opts for insurance per km driven will have their car protected 24 hours a day. However, when the car is running the charge is a little different.

Despite this, there is a policy that specifies the coverage, rules and duties of the parties. It guarantees security for those who hire the service.

How is the insurance value per km driven calculated?

The calculation of insurance per km driven has two bases. The first of these is a fixed monthly amount. It is based on the market price of the car and the protections that are being purchased.


This base serves to protect the vehicle when it is stopped, for example, in the garage.

The other calculation is according to the distance traveled in the vehicle. The value per km driven is specified in the insurance policy and usually costs cents.

On the market it is possible to find insurance in this modality with fixed monthly values ​​starting at R$25.00. The distance traveled monthly is added to it.

To know how much the car has driven, each insurance company has technology to calculate it. Some install equipment in the vehicle and others use a cell phone application.


Let's assume that the insured has a fixed subscription of R$60.00 and receives an additional R$0.10 per kilometer traveled.

If in one month she walked 70 kilometers, she will pay R$67.00. In the following month he traveled 240 kilometers, so the insurance value will be R$84.00.

Each driver needs to carry out an insurance simulation, as both the fixed value and per kilometer driven tend to vary.

However, the calculation rule is always the same. This means that there is no fixed monthly amount, it fluctuates depending on usage.


Although the value varies, as we know the way in which the charge occurs and the value for the distance traveled, it is possible to predict the amount charged.

It is worth remembering that in the case of partial damage, if the insurance is activated, the deductible will be charged. In this case, it will be specified in the policy.

Is insurance that charges based on mileage for everyone?

Insurance per km driven promises to have more affordable prices than traditional insurance. This makes people feel attracted since they want to save.

It is necessary to understand that this modality does not suit everyone.


For example, there are restrictions in some insurance companies, professionals who work with the car such as delivery people and app drivers cannot always count on it.

Another point to understand is that the charge is based on the distance traveled. The price per kilometer is considered low, but for those who travel long distances monthly it may not be interesting.

Even though the fixed value is lower than traditional insurance, the cost per mileage is not always worth it. The sum of the two can make this type of insurance end up more expensive for those who drive their cars a lot.

In this case, you need to do the math to understand whether it is worth it or have insurance per km driven.


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How to save on car insurance?

Regardless of whether you are purchasing insurance per km driven or traditional insurance, there are some ways to save on the cost of insurance. Pay attention to some tips.

  • Don't hire in a hurry, have time to research and choose calmly;
  • Get a quote from different insurance companies, the values ​​between them can be very different;
  • Avoid including additional drivers, the more people driving the car, the risks may be greater;
  • Have security equipment such as alarms and trackers, they increase the chances of the vehicle not being taken by criminals;
  • Avoid buying cars that are among the most stolen models.

Knowing how insurance per km traveled makes it easier to buy traditional insurance and choose the most advantageous one.

Insurance per km driven: how is the value calculated?

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Insurance per km driven: how is the value calculated?


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Insurance per km driven: how is the value calculated?

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