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5 precautions when choosing your insurance broker
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Choosing the right insurance broker will make all the difference in your insurance.

Unfortunately, when purchasing insurance, many people only pay attention to the products being offered and forget to check whether the insurance broker offering them is good.


When this happens, it is quite common for problems to arise when using insurance and even getting adequate care.

If you want to purchase insurance to have more peace of mind regarding your property, this should also extend to your relationship with the insurance company. Therefore, know how to choose the company that will serve you carefully by following the tips below.

5 precautions when choosing your insurance broker

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Check whether the insurance broker is accredited by Susep

Only companies and brokers that are accredited by Susep can sell insurance. This is a way of ensuring that the insurer meets a series of requirements to be able to sell the products and also that it is trustworthy.


To find out whether a broker is accredited is quite simple, by accessing the Susep website it is possible to do an online search and get the results instantly. This way, you already know if you are negotiating with a solid company.

Check if there are any complaints

You need to check whether there are many complaints regarding a particular insurance broker and this can be done at Procon in your location or on websites that collect complaints such as Reclame Aqui. When there is a very large number of complaints and they do not receive a positive response, it is an indicator not to do business.

Ideally, the company should have few complaints and that existing ones should be adequately addressed.

Check available insurance

The company may be excellent, but if it doesn't have what you need, it won't be useful to you. Check what products it offers and whether they really meet your needs, ask your broker for help to make sure.


There is no point in taking out insurance from a company that will not serve you, so this point will be very important.

Analyze the service

Normally, when selling, you receive all the attention in the world, but after sales it seems like you have been forgotten. This cannot happen under any circumstances, after all, as an insurance customer you will need support.

Make sure people are willing to help and guide you from the beginning. If this didn't happen from the beginning, you can be sure that it will only get worse later.

Additionally, check which service channels such as chat, telephone, email, etc. are available, when they are available and whether access to them is easy.


Check documents

A copy of the proposal and the insurance contract must be made available to you and have all the information about the service you are hiring.

Do not accept anything through word of mouth, everything must be registered and documented so that you are not harmed, and only a trustworthy insurance broker will have no problem providing all the documents.

Know the differences between an insurer and an insurance broker

Do you know how to differentiate the services offered by insurance companies and insurance brokers? See the difference between the two:

– Insurers:


These companies are authorized by Susep to protect their customers' vehicles, assuming risks and indemnifying each one, according to the car insurance contract they have.

Therefore, it is important that the customer always carefully reads the contract signed with the company, as it is the company that will compensate you.

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– Brokers:


Brokers are authorized by Susep to offer the sale of insurance company products. Therefore, they are intermediaries between the client and the insurer, helping the client so that the insurer fulfills the contract.

Many customers also have many doubts between online and traditional brokers. Know that both have the same function, mentioned above, offering full support to the insured, always.

So, the broker is the company that serves to assist the insured with everything they need. And this goes from the time of hiring until when you need to make a claim. She is the one who assists the customer, asking questions to find out what type of product they need.

Thus, the insurance broker offers the best proposal from the insurers, according to the clients’ needs. The insurer's role is to offer protection, with differentiated services and plans that meet all types of needs and profiles.


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5 precautions when choosing your insurance broker

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5 precautions when choosing your insurance broker


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5 precautions when choosing your insurance broker

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