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Internacional gives Gre-Nal to Mano to ‘escape’ from dismissal: “A way to…”

Internacional gave Mano Menezes a deadline to end the bad phase and put Colorado back on the winning path; Gre-Nal will be decisive

International It is Guild will measure strength in Brasileirão and Gre-Nal will be decisive for Mano Menezes. The coach faces great pressure behind the scenes and also in the stands. There are already five games without winning in the 2023 season, with four defeats and only one draw. With the situation increasingly unsustainable for the technician, the classic gaucho promises to define the future of the professional in Beira-Rio.

After the defeat in the Copa do Brasil to América-MG, Mano Menezes was in an even more delicate situation at Internacional. After the match in Belo Horizonte, according to information on the website “Globo Esporte”, there was a meeting between the parties and Gre-Nal became a determining factor for the coach’s sequence in Colorado. In an interview in the mixed zone, Alessandro Barcellos vented about the current commander of Inter.


Coach position is always available, does not need to be placed. Mano knows that“, he stated.

According to the president of Internacional, Mano Menezes’ future at the club will depend directly on his performance at Gre-Nal: “It is a time when we need to have this commitment between us. It doesn’t depend on game A, B or C, but it does depend on the next game, which is a classic. We talked and we are going to work in these three days so that we can have results, in addition to a better presentation“.

Players from International and America
Internacional lost 2-0 to América-MG and got into trouble in the Copa do Brasil (Credit: Mourão Panda/América-MG)

According to him, Internacional will make some changes until the classic and the expectation is that they will have an effect on the squad: “There will be changes in behavior and way of looking at it. We have a classic on Sunday. It’s never good to make hot-headed assessments, but today it was necessary to seize the moment of indignation. Changing posture and attitude: this commitment had to be assumed by everyone. If not, we would have to change other questions.“.

Mano Menezes believes in resumption at Internacional!

If I didn’t feel something positive, I wouldn’t be here speaking as Inter’s coach. We had to win anyway. We have quality. Even without doing a brilliant performance, we had to win. And we didn’t. It’s a problem we need to solve in the short term.”, he explained. In addition, Mano Menezes pointed out that the lack of confidence has been the main cause of the drop in Internacional’s performance.

“Football is very similar everywhere. When you get confidence, the midfielders grow and you become very good. When you go down, the midfielders drop and it looks like an ordinary team, as we do now. We have to regain confidence and that’s just comes with results. That’s why it needs to appear in the short term”completed.


Internacional gives Gre-Nal to Mano to ‘escape’ from dismissal: “A way to…”

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