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“Renaissance Tour” begins with Beyoncé wearing Balmain and Alexander Mcqueen

Beyonce is officially back on stage. The singer gave start on your tour in Swedenin capital Stockholm, on the night of last Wednesday (10). Fans went wild at the opening show which delivered concept, cohesion and acclaim. After almost five years since the last tour, the queen returned to the stage full of surprises for the fans. In addition to its performance, the styling signed by Shiona Turinialso responsible for the costumes for “insecure“, was successful.

Balmain and Beyoncé are an almost inseparable duo. The singer’s darling French brand always appears in some of her shows. An example was the special “homecoming“, at Netflixwhich featured the singer’s first concert in coachella. All his fashion part had the special touch of Olivier Rousteing, designer at the head of the brand. Because of this long-standing relationship, this opening show could not miss Balmain. The singer chose a piece from the latest autumn-winter 2023 collection, all in pearls. Originally a blouse, the item underwent customization and became a bodysuit.


Beyoncé’s outfit (Photo: Reproduction/Pinterest/Twitter/collage by Isabella Jacoud)

Alexander McQueen also had its moment to shine. The black jumpsuit all decorated with stones, different textures, which highlighted the singer’s body, also had fringes and sequins. A rereading of the model was made especially for that night.

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Beyoncé by Alexader Mcqueen (Photo: Playback/Twitter)

Customization” was the word of the day that first day. Countless pieces were idealized for Beyoncé. Loewe from the autumn-winter 2022 collection, inspired by the painting “birth of venus“, in Sandro Botticelli, was also customized. Transformed into a very tight jumpsuit, and with a lot of shine, the piece left everyone impressed.


The birth of Venus (Photo: Reproduction/Image 1:Pinterest/ Image 2: Twitter/ Collage by Isabella Jacoud)

A mugler, a French brand, also showed up there. The current creative director, Casey Cadwallader was present at the show and was able to see with his own eyes the effects that some icons of the fashion house had on Beyoncé’s body and with all the lighting set up on stage. The first one was inspired by an accessory from a 1997 collection, spring couture, insect collection.

Straight from 1997 for the Renaissance Tour (Reproduction/Image 1: Twitter/Image 2: Twitter/Collage by Isabella Jacoud)

The other one, as beautiful as the first but with a bigger impact, drove everyone crazy when she arrived on stage. In fact, it’s even difficult to measure the highlight of this show because simply every millisecond of it had huge repercussions. The haute couture of mugler 1995’s Fall/Winter appeared again in a robot suit. First introduced by Karl Lagerfeldthe piece was perfectly crafted for Beyoncé.


Karl Lagerfeld’s costume (Photo: Reproduction/ Image 1: Twitter/ Image 2: Twitter/ Collage by Isabella Jacoud)

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alien superstar“, hit from the recent album, also won a unique item. Combined with the dancers, the bodysuit Courréges, from this year’s autumn-winter season, made the performance even more incredible. In “break my soul” the singer appears with a designer David Koma. The outfit has a psychedelic vibe that perfectly matches the vibe of the song.

O photochromism also gave his name on opening night. Bey wore a costume created by the Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinagawhich was signed by the brand Realage.


The opening show of Renaissance Tour I brought beautiful clothes, dazzling jewelry that gave a perfect match with the costumes, and he knew how to awaken emotion in each song of his set list. In fact, Beyoncé knows how to do good for the eyes, ears and hearts of her audience.

Featured photo: Beyoncé and her costumes. Reproduction/Image 1: Twitter/Image 2: Twitter/Collage by Isabella Jacoud


“Renaissance Tour” begins with Beyoncé wearing Balmain and Alexander Mcqueen

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