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causes of sexual blockage in women

Like desire, pleasure sometimes hangs by a thread. If a woman suffers from vaginismus, dyspareunia or insufficient lubrication, sexual intercourse turns into an ordeal or even an impossible mission. However, this is not inevitable.


It is a spasmodic and involuntary contraction of the muscles of the perineum (through which the vagina passes), which makes penetration impossible. Far from being marginal, vaginismus is a pathology that represents 10 to 15% of sexology consultations, according to Dr. Mireille Dubois-Chevalier. (causes of sexual blockage in women)

There are two types: primary and secondary. Primary vaginismus is characterized by the total closure of the vagina at the approach of a foreign body, penis, finger or object. Secondary vaginismus can be triggered after trauma (rape, childbirth, episiotomy), and is set up as a defensive reaction. 


The 3 causes of sexual blockage in women

All vaginics, however, have one thing in common: a dysfunctional mental body pattern. In them, the genital area – and more particularly the vagina – is not visualized, as if it did not exist.

Another recurring element: vaginic women have often had mothers who are too protective, even intrusive. Shutting down on others has therefore become a defensive reflex for them. However, some vaginismus appear to be selective: penetration is possible with some men, but not with others. But as luck would have it, sexologists observe, it is often the latter that women suffering from vaginismus choose as life partners.

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causes of sexual blockage in women

The sex therapist’s job is to teach the patient to relax nervously and muscularly, to welcome and identify her emotions, and to become familiar with this part of her body, so that the brain integrates it. 

“Making the vagina a place of welcome, learning to open it just as we open our arms to embrace the loving being, this is the work to be done with vaginic women,” explains Mireille Dubois-Chevalier. The sex therapist also recalls that vaginismus is neither a shameful disease nor a curse . “It can be treated very well, and all the better when you don’t wait to consult. “



It is the pain that appears at the time of penetration. Unlike vaginismus, intercourse is possible but it is painful. Over time, the intercourse becomes less frequent, because the apprehension at the time of penetration turns into avoidance and then into refusal.

Genital pain can be felt at the entrance to the vagina, in the vagina or lower abdomen. At the entrance to the vagina, it can be the consequence of a local infection due to a fungus, a trichomonas, but also to a drying of the mucous membranes (this is often the case when one abuses personal hygiene products. ), surgery or urinary tract infection.  (causes of sexual blockage in women)

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The most frequent infections are caused by an imbalance of the vaginal flora. Redness, discharge, discomfort or itching are common symptoms.  The 3 causes of sexual blockage in women

The inflammation becomes chronic when the flora which maintains the mucous membrane has disappeared, eradicated by the treatments. The tissues then become fragile and painful at the slightest friction.


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Sometimes the pain on penetration is felt in the lower abdomen. This is often the case after a difficult childbirth in which a ligament supporting the uterus has torn. It can also be due to inflammation of the tubes, an ovarian cyst, or endometriosis. 

The latter is a pathology unknown to most women, which generally appears between the ages of 25 and 45. It results in the proliferation and migration of fragments of the uterine lining outside the uterus. These fragments will nestle on the tubes, the bladder or the rectum.  causes of sexual blockage in women

This benign condition (it is not cancerous) is manifested by pain – sometimes unbearable – caused with each stroke of the penis against the cervix or uterine ligaments. At last, these pains can be the consequence of a bartholinitis, that is to say of an inflammation of the two Bartholin glands, located on each side of the vagina. The pain is then generally localized, very intense on one side or the other. The 3 causes of sexual blockage in women


Whatever the cause, one should never be resigned to dyspareunia . Simply because chronic pain creates a “pain circuit”, as if a “pain” program was installed in the body which is activated as soon as one begins to have sex. Any discomfort or pain that lasts for more than two years in the body is more difficult to fight. In consultation, gynecologists and sexologists note the unfortunate tendency of women to endure suffering. 

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Their tolerance for suffering being greater than that of men, they make a point of “not listening to each other” and unfortunately consult too late.

Insufficient natural lubrication (causes of sexual blockage in women)

Female lubrication is the equivalent of erection in men. It is the manifestation and the consequence of excitement. The naturally wet vagina becomes even more humid under the effect of arousal in order to allow the penis to move back and forth comfortably, that is to say that does not irritate the mucous membrane. Under the effect of excitement, the vaginal walls are covered with a secretion, more or less abundant according to the women. This is due to the transudation of the many vessels which irrigate the vagina. The vessels swell and let a liquid filter out.

Several causes can be at the origin of the absence of lubrication: an infection or a genital inflammation, the consequences of a childbirth, the consequences of a surgical operation, an exaggerated personal hygiene, or with inappropriate products, changes too frequent tampons or the use of an unlubricated condom. (The 3 causes of sexual blockage in women)


There are also hormonal causes: insufficient secretion of estrogen and male hormones. This happens especially at the time of menopause or in case of amenorrhea (stopping menstruation). You should also know that contraceptive pills act directly on the production of vaginal secretions.

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Finally,  it happens that some women do not dare to ask their partner to respect their personal tempo, and that they accept penetration without being physiologically ready , even if it is difficult and painful.

In the event of a lack of natural lubrication, the use of a lubricating gel is recommended to facilitate intercourse. This gel can be replaced by baby milk or oil (alcohol-free!) To give it a less medical dimension. If the disorder persists, it is imperative to consult a gynecologist, who will identify the source of the problem.

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