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What is Platonic Love

Whether it’s with your childhood friend’s older brother, your second-year sports teacher or with Jude Law. You have all experienced platonic love. This strange, sometimes irrational feeling is almost a must, a kind of necessary step before moving on to practice. But sometimes, when this fioutu Prince Charming is slow to make himself known, it may be that platonic love settles permanently until it becomes unhealthy… But what exactly is platonic love?


So when does platonic love go beyond the bounds?

By definition, platonic love is a lo-ve that needs no physical manifestation to exist. Nothing official, no kisses and even less carnal intercourse. The feeling of love is self-sufficient. Sometimes it makes the one who experiences it happy. But when it becomes too important, too present, it can also become heavy to carry. Because it is never good to consume platonic love, here are some criteria history to sound the alarm:


If it’s a one-way love

There are some couples who live together and arrange platonic love. In general, these are people who have chosen to preserve their virginity before marriage. So they do intend to act one day. Others rarer, admit not to like carnal intimacy.

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They live as a couple, give each other a few kisses and it stops there. It is their choice and it is not a question here of debating the issue, this kind of couple deserves an article in its own right! Where platonic love begins to become a real concern is when it is a one-way street. Obviously, there are extenuating circumstances: a teenager’s passion for a member of One Direction for example.

In short, what is important to understand is that the platonic love that a teenager has for her favorite star is understandable. What, on the other hand, becomes more problematic is when a woman falls madly in love with a very real man who does not love her. Most of the time, the woman in question makes up her mind. She tells herself that she has no chance and does not try anything. 


She comforts herself in her platonic lo-ve. That is the real alarming sign. Because often, this love does not bring him anything positive. On the contrary, it leads to resentment, jealousy

And in the long run platonic love is a real suffering

The disadvantage of this type of platonic love is that if it does not turn off quickly it tends to gain power. The woman in love knows that she will never live anything with the chosen one of her heart but this does not prevent her from experiencing jealousy as if she were in a relationship with him.

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If the man is already made up, the woman in love will develop a real hatred towards her spouse. Similarly, if this man struggles to fit in, the woman will not stand that someone pretends to dredge him. 


Except that the target of this platonic love will inevitably end up with someone else if the one who loves him does not try anything to seduce him! Along with her feelings, the victim of platonic love ends up feeling resentment towards the one she loves. This explosive cocktail tends to make her act like a weather vane. She may sometimes be very gentle, sometimes brittle with the one she cannot have.

Platonic love = a lot of noise for nothing

In summary, platonic lo-ve brings in these cases no advantages and many disadvantages. It becomes unhealthy because: 1- It is one-way, 2- It stretches in length and 3- It makes you bitter. No woman (and no man) deserves to get bogged down in such love. Look at yourself in the ice, evaluate your qualities; yes, yes, you deserve much better than this completely blocked situation that prevents you from moving forward! 

The chosen one of your heart did not know what you could bring to him? If you have tried everything to seduce him, do not insist any more. Move on. It is not easy, and if this platonic lo-ve has lasted several years it can even be akin to a small mourning.

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To get rid of it, it is imperative to meet other people. Because platonic love tends to develop in people who always frequent the same circles. Also remember to re-boost your seduction potential. This will allow you to feel better about yourself and attract other eyes


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