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As a couple

As much as there are topics that should be avoided at the first appointment, they are also important to deal with when you embark on a serious relationship. Indeed, in order to feel good about your relationship, there are important things to know about your partner, his way of seeing things, of being, of projecting himself. So you’ll know if your story is viable.

Of course, it is not a question of interrogating him or asking him for everything at the same time. But knowing the different themes mentioned in this article is necessary to be able to say that you are comfortable and in your place with your partner in your couple. As a couple: what do you need to know about the other?



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As a couple: what do you need to know about the other?

Getting to know each other is an integral part of a serious story that starts, of a couple relationship that settles down. It is something that is done naturally according to the time spent together, the shared activities, the topics of conversation discussed.

What are these topics that make it possible to better know the person who now shares your life? What are the important things to know about it? What do you need to share to feel like you really know each other better and better? So that there is compatibility, complicity?

As a couple, what do you need to know about the other?

The vision of life, of the couple, of the future

Do not hesitate to talk together about your vision of the world and the future, to share about your philosophy of life, your ideas, your values, your opinions, even political and religious.

And also to evoke your work projects for example and life, your way of envisioning the future, the couple, even if it is not a question of agreeing on all the points from the outset or of making plans on the comet. Maybe in the conversation there will be questions you never asked yourself.


This type of exchange is not only useful to know the other, it can also help you to know yourself better. You can also stable a list of couple projects!

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The subject of the past in love

The first love, the first evening, the first stupidity etc. Don’t be afraid to share your memories and hear his. Your past defines the people you are today.

The experience or past love is sometimes a sensitive subject. It’s not about revealing your secret garden or wanting to know everything about your ex. But knowing what everyone has experienced before, the type of relationships, helps to understand a lot of things. This is not a subject that has to keep coming up, there is no point in being jealous of it. His past belongs to him like yours, the important thing is to feel confident to be able to talk about it without being judged and especially to have turned the page so that you can move forward together.

Relationships with family and friends

This can be a delicate subject. It is important to have a good relationship with each other’s respective friends as well as the future in-laws. However, we must know how to impose limits so as not to share everything with them. Your in-laws can be very present as well as yours. Only your couple has to build independently of this. Finally, if conflicts exist before in your families, it bodes well to take the time to discuss this delicate subject with the new person who shares your life.


Friends are a whole subject. Some people think that their partner spends too much time with his/her friends or that some friends have a bad influence on him/her. Talk about your friendships, learn to see how the other works to get an idea of their friendly circle and how he or she evolves in it. Celibacy is behind you, it is obviously now necessary to find a reciprocal balance between your couple and the time that everyone pended with his friends.

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As a couple: what do you need to know about the other? 3 other important topics!


It is important to talk about intimacy in a relaxed and private environment, as it is a delicate subject that can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when the couple is starting out and the confidence is not yet at its maximum.

It is fundamental to know how to communicate about it, carnal desire, intimacy, are very important in a relationship.

Talk about your desires, needs, expectations, what you like and what you don’t like, and if you’d like to try new things. Ask him the same thing without rushing it or it obviously.


Money in the couple without taboos

If money is not a subject that we talk about at the first appointments, it necessarily becomes a subject in spite of itself over time. Initially, we only talk about it to know who is going to foot the bill. Besides, it’s already a good indicator of how your new partner views money. And so how it defines itself in relation to that. Generous, stingy, spendthrift, thrifty?

Over time and shared outings, then weekends, holidays, it is obvious that invitations must be reciprocal and expenses shared except in case of gift.

When the couple settles down slowly, it should not be made a taboo subject. Otherwise imagine if one day you live together… Talk together about the salary you earn each month, whether you save for something in particular or whether you like to travel, go out, etc. You may not have the same lifestyle, the same budget, the same facilities or difficulties… It is important to be able to trust each other about this.

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We all have our “sensitive subjects”

Sharing emotions, feelings and sensations is a great starting point for open and honest communication. Being able to confide is important within a couple. Talking about everything is obviously essential. The preceding topics form the basis of what we must be able to share. Only to each person his or her sensitive subjects, to each couple his mode of operation.


If talking about everything is obviously the basis for any couple that advances, it is necessary to know how to respect that certain subjects can be sensitive at the beginning. Family, past love, health, or anything else. Sometimes being patient is just as important as knowing how to communicate. The time to be confident together to be able to say almost everything!

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