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BIG Festival 2023: third day features eSports programming as a highlight

One of the highlights of BIG Festival 2023 this Saturday is the presence of League of Legends streamer Gustavo “Baiano” Gomes and the cast of “Ilha das Lendas”, who face a team of guest influencers in a showmatch that promises to be exciting .

In the lecture schedule, attention is focused on interviews with two renowned names in the game development industry. Japanese Takashi Tokita, one of those responsible for the development of the iconic Final Fantasy series, shares his expertise and experiences. Additionally, Chance Glasco, one of the creators of Call of Duty, is at the BIG Festival to talk to audiences about the worldwide launch of the trailer for his new game, Martial Art Tycoon.

Visitors have the opportunity to try out a wide range of games, from big releases to indie titles. The Panorama Mundo area has more than 200 games available to play, including titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo IV, Hogwarts Legacy, Free Fire, World of Warships, Live a Live, Haunted House, Street Fighter 6, Just Dance, Undawn, Quantum: Recharged, among others.


In addition, visitors can enjoy the 110 games nominated for the BIG Awards, the festival’s awards ceremony, as well as the 40 Brazilian games selected for Panorama Brasil by Banco do Brasil, an exclusive showcase that highlights the industry’s creativity and talent. of Brazilian games.

Nintendo attacks Switch emulation after Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom leak

Check out all the highlights below, via BIG Festival. More details in this link.

eSports arena

1 p.m.: CBCS Showmatch

3 p.m. Showmatch Monochampions


4pm Isle of Legends v Chicago Bullas

Lectures by industry experts

The Enemy Stage by TNT

The potential of UEFN in eSports by HERO BASE
Hear from Hero Base how the UEFN tool can be used to create new competitive experiences.


13:45 – Interview with Paul Galloway – MoMa

14:15 – Interview with Takashi Tokita

Stay tuned for a very special interview with Takashi Tokita, director and producer at Square Enix.
When: 2:15 pm

Where: The Enemy Stage by TNT


14:50 Interview with Chance Glasco

Chance Glasco, Creative Director at Good Dog Studios

When: 2:50 pm

Where: The Enemy Stage by TNT


17:15 – Backstage Hack with Oi Francine and Damianizando

Let’s rock this stage? Streamers will enter the scene to exchange ideas and tell everything that goes on behind the lives, showing how the parade is on other platforms. They will give the lyrics of how good they are to make their social networks pump and create communities that are pure success. Join this exchange of experiences and learn how to build your own crowd!

When: 5:15 pm

Where: The Enemy Stage by TNT


Stage 1 by Sabesp:

16:20 OFK Creating Games for Music Fans (Teddy Dief / OFK)

How do you design a game that will make players feel musical? How do you design for an audience of music fans who never play? What can we learn from the music industry? OFK’s creative director and lead vocalist and co-designer of the game Hyper Light Drifter will discuss the design process of “We Are OFK” – the origin story game of a virtual band.

When: 4:20 pm


Where: Stage 1

19:15 TWITCH: What makes a successful streamer? (Anadege / Twitch Gaules / Omelete AndreaBistafa / letiltz / Twitch kennoSV / Kenno SV)

Anadege Freitas, director of partnerships and content at Twitch, chats with /Gaules, /AndreaBistafa, /letilz and /kennoSV. They’ll share everything from their brand development strategies to the secrets that have led them to success in building their communities. Let’s embark on this successful journey together? Don’t miss it!

When: 7:15 pm


Where: Stage 1

Stage 2:

10:35 Drive Furious: Navigating the Narrative of Pacific Drive (Karrie Shao / Pacific Drive)

How do you deliver meaningful dialogue while a player (A) looks out over a serene forest, (B) falls off a cliff at 100 km/h, or (C) does both at the same time? In this talk, Karrie Shao, Lead Narrative Designer at Pacific Drive, will walk you through the factors needed to create an evocative narrative in a survival game on wheels. Techniques for establishing emotional connections with off-screen characters will be explored, while the player freely explores the setting.


When: 10:435 am

Where: Stage 2

14:15 Creating CYGNI: Game Dev Business Insights (Meher Kalenderian / KeelWorks Ltd.)

Gain an understanding of the business side of game development through the journey of the small independent team behind CYGNI. From winning a publisher (KONAMI) to managing and growing the company, discover the challenges, triumphs and lessons learned along the way. Whether you’re a game developer, publisher or game enthusiast, this talk lays out the business roadmap that has propelled KeelWorks and CYGNI forward.


When: 2:15 pm

Where: Stage 2

16:05 Manga, Anime and J-RPG the Genes of Japanese Entertainment (Takashi Tokita / SquareEnix)

17:00 Texturing the ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ machines (Tom Delboo / Guerrilla Games)


For Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla has expanded on the iconic look of machines from its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn. The Machines and Weapons team was tasked with improving how Guerrilla handles texturing and shading on these incredibly complex assets. The challenge was to create a workflow that accelerated the work, while supporting Game Design, Art Direction and Production. This talk will provide an insight into how this procedural workflow was designed, how the whole process works together, and how it provided so much flexibility and saved months of production time.

When: 5pm

Where: Stage2

Stage 3:


11:30 Art in Our Time: Video Games at MoMA (Paul Galloway / The Museum of Modern Art Sergio Sá Leitão / Transversal – Culture, Creative Economy and Citizenship)

Like art, games are central to our cultural heritage. In 2022, MoMA opened the exhibition “Never Alone: ​​Video Games and Other Interactive Design”, which explores the impact of games on the world at large. Join Paul Galloway as we explore MoMA’s commitment to expanding appreciation for games and consider the implications of the increasingly important role they play in contemporary creativity.

When: 11:30 am

Where: Stage 3


Meet & Greet – TWITCH:

3pm to 3:30pm – Kennzy & Mylonzete

4pm to 4:30pm – Forever

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm – Gaules & Tribo (bt0tv, liminhag0d, VelhoVamp1, Michel)


Meet & Greet – INFLUENCY.ME:

10:00-10:40 – Challenges in the relationship between brands and influencers

Bruno Correa + Caio Ferreira (Nerd Space) Mediation: Su Games Bruno Correa –

14:00-14:40 – Public vs private life: the limits of exposure


Meet and Greet with Gelli Clash + Gabriela Zambrozuski Mediation: Su Games

BIG Festival 2023: third day features eSports programming as a highlight

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