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Car accident inside the condominium: how does it work?
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Anyone who lives in a condominium and owns a car has many problems, including not knowing who will pay the bill in the event of a car accident. As this is a subject that causes many disagreements and financial losses, we decided to show you how car accidents work within the condominium.

Keep reading to find out:


● What are the main occurrences of accidents in condominiums;
● In which situations do insurance companies compensate the client;
● How to choose the ideal insurance for your car.

Car accident inside the condominium

Photo by Zeeshaan Shabbir on Pexels

What are the main car accidents within condominiums?

Condominium owners who own a vehicle have something else to complain about their neighborhood. The complaints, in this case, are related to damage caused to the vehicle parked in the condominium garage. To understand the seriousness of the situation, check out the main car accidents in condominiums:

● Scratched or dented doors;
● Car collisions inside the garage;
● Windows, mirrors, headlights and taillights are damaged or torn off;
● Theft and robbery;
● Incidents with electronic gates.


These are some of the most common losses for those who live in buildings or houses within condominiums, making your vehicle insurance so important. Now it remains to be seen who pays the bill when one of these incidents happens? Is it the condominium, the car owner or the insurance company? Let's answer these questions.

What is the condominium's responsibility for material damage?

Every condominium has a convention. It is as if it were a constitution to regulate actions both for the well-being of residents and coexistence in the spaces of the building in question. And it is in this document that it must be expressed when the condominium is responsible for damages caused to automobiles.

Civil law does not oblige the condominium to pay for a car accident, unless it has committed some administrative or operational negligence. As a rule, the condominium is not obliged to pay for a car accident.

Therefore, if someone causes damage to your car, you will need insurance to resolve the issue.


When does the car owner pay for the loss?

Some damage to cars is caused by their own owners. Whether due to distraction or in a hurry.

For example, wanting to take advantage of the fact that the electronic gate is open and trying to pass without noticing that it is closing. As this is a situation that frequently happens in condominiums, you will pay the bill if it is proven that the fault was yours.

The condominium owner also pays for the damage every time he is unable to prove who caused the damage. This is another very common fact in old condominiums that do not have high-tech surveillance cameras.

Residents of new buildings, such as a real estate launch, do not face such difficulties, as the electronic surveillance system is very effective for these incidents.


What is important to do before claiming car insurance

First, avoid headaches when communicating with your insurance company by quickly analyzing the facts. To do this, know the condominium rules in case of a car accident. Also, consider what your responsibility is at the event.

This is because having clarity when talking to your insurance broker will make your service easier. But also remember that the insurance company will compensate for a car accident within a condominium when:

● The policy states all risks and losses that are compensable;
● The insured complies with the conditions established in the insurance contract;
● Insurance payments are up to date.

Some tips for choosing the ideal insurance for your car

Buying a car for many requires a lot of effort, nothing more fair than taking out insurance to protect your vehicle. So, see below the points that you should analyze before taking out insurance, noting that this analysis goes beyond price, check it out:


● Check if the broker is registered with the Insurance Superintendence
Private (SUSEP);
● Compare whether what was proposed by email is in the contract;
● Check if the insurance company pays 100% of the Fipe Table; This must appear in the
● Confirm whether there is coverage for third parties;
● Confirm that there is protection against natural phenomena;
● Confirm that maintenance is covered;
● Check whether your insurance offers 24-hour assistance.

Don't choose insurance just based on price, as the cheaper it is, the less coverage it has in the event of a car accident. In addition to these details, the price of your insurance also changes depending on where you live.

And this is one of the reasons why many people look for similar places like this one that has apartments for sale in São Paulo.

The truth is that they already understand that living well is cheaper in terms of security and the organization of the condominium.


Now that you know how car accidents work within the condominium, carry out a simulation of your insurance with us.

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Car accident inside the condominium: how does it work?

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Car accident inside the condominium: how does it work?



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Car accident inside the condominium: how does it work?

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