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Eniola Badmus Claims She Doesn’t Collect Money From Her Lover



Eniola Badmus
Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus, a Nollywood actress reveals on her social media page that she’s the only person who doesn’t collect money from her lovers.

Eniola Badmus ,while sharing few of the things that she doesn’t do and giving more fans some clues into her personal life. She bursted out on what doesn’t sound appealing to everybody.

On her Instagram page, Eniola Badmus claims she’s the only person collecting money from her partner in a relationship.

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Although, while some may consider this actually surprising and thoughtful of her or consider her as trying to be independent.


some of her fans however, have something else to say about it.

Subject of relationship has proven to be toxic most times, especially on social media platforms.

However, when Eniola Badmus dropped her perspective on this, things didn’t seems to be different.

While some complained about the grammatical errors in her post, some were particularly bothered about her opinion.


Here are few things some people have to say about Eniola Badmus assertion;


“If we say it’s “I’m” not “am” now you go ask us how much we get for account.”

“Na u sabi.”


“Not only you oo… I don’t even know how to ask sef.”

“Madam rest, you not the only one.. we plenty but we no dey make noise.”

“That’s your personal problem. In this 2021, you are still using ‘am’.”

However, Eniola Badmus doesn’t seem discouraged with the opinion of others as she advised further.


The Nollywood actress, advised people against spreading hate on social media media platforms.

She accused them of being interned monsters who are hell bent on not letting others live and enjoy their lives.

Eniola Badmus uncovers more on why she said what she said.

She claims she knows many influential people in the country, and also have rich friends, thus, she makes a lot money.


This made one of the follower to ask if she was depressed. However, she rebutted this and claimed otherwise.

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