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Everything You Need to Know About Conventional Auto Insurance
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Conventional car insurance is an ideal option for those looking for comprehensive coverage for their vehicle. Let's explore more about the subject and understand everything you need before hiring this protection for your car!

The Importance of Conventional Car Insurance

Opting for conventional car insurance offers several advantages. With it, the consumer is not alone responsible for the costs in the event of a collision, theft or other types of accidents.

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In addition, the insurance provides compensation coverage for accident victims and can offer assistance in emergency situations, such as a flat tire.

Despite this, around 70% of vehicles in Brazil circulate without insurance. If you are part of this statistic and want to change this situation, you are in the right place.


Next, we will explain how to take out the best insurance and what to evaluate in the contract. Follow along!

What is Conventional Auto Insurance?

Conventional car insurance is protection that offers broad coverage for the vehicle.

This means that it is not just limited to robbery and theft (as is the case with partial insurance), but also covers collisions, damage to third parties, fires, floods and other events.

When contracting this type of service, it is important that the consumer pays attention to the contract. After all, the coverage available may vary from one insurer to another and also according to the type of vehicle.


Reading the policy before signing it is essential to ensure that, if necessary, you can add additional services to your contract.

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In addition, insurers offer several additional coverage options for car insurance, such as protection for vehicle accessories, including gas kits and car sound systems.

Other coverage includes 24-hour user assistance, which offers towing, locksmith and backup car services in the event of an accident, as well as coverage for third parties.

How Does Conventional Auto Insurance Work?

After signing the insurance contract, the driver has his vehicle protected against partial and total losses.


A partial loss occurs when the accident damages the vehicle, but it can still be repaired.

Repairs are carried out whenever the cost of repairs corresponds to up to 75% of the car's market value.

In this case, the consumer must pay the deductible. The deductible is the amount the user must pay to repair the vehicle.

For example: if the deductible is R$1,000, the user is responsible for this amount. If the repairs cost R$3,000, the insurance company will cover the remaining R$2,000.


A total loss does not require payment of the deductible. It occurs when vehicle repair costs exceed 75% of the car's value.

In this case, the consumer transfers ownership of the vehicle to the insurance company and receives the full compensation stipulated in the contract to purchase a new car.

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Full compensation is also paid when the vehicle is stolen or stolen and is not recovered by the police.

To claim insurance, insurers generally require the consumer to file a police report, especially in cases of collision and theft. The company then requests the necessary documents and makes payment as agreed.


Who is it recommended for?

Conventional car insurance is recommended for anyone looking for comprehensive protection for their vehicle. It is essential to guarantee assistance in cases of theft, theft, fire and other events.

Advantages of Conventional Auto Insurance

There are several advantages to opting for conventional car insurance:

  • Guarantees complete coverage for various vehicle accident situations;
  • The insurance amount can be paid in installments;
  • In addition to basic coverage, many insurers offer additional services, such as 24-hour assistance;
  • The value is calculated according to the vehicle and the profile of the insured.

Companies that Offer Conventional Auto Insurance

Currently, practically all insurance companies that offer vehicle insurance options have conventional car insurance in their portfolio.

It is important to research the different companies operating in the market and obtain different quotes. This will allow you to understand and choose between various coverages, ensuring the best value for money for your insurance.

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How Much Does Conventional Auto Insurance Cost?

The cost of car insurance varies depending on the vehicle and the profile of the insured. Therefore, it is important to get several quotes and choose the coverage you want.


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To calculate the insurance, the insured person has their profile evaluated through a questionnaire. Based on this information, the insurer can define the risk of loss. Generally speaking, the greater the risk, the more expensive the insurance will be.

For example, young, single men are considered high risk, which results in more expensive insurance. Likewise, drivers with little driving experience face higher costs.

Although ratings are similar between insurers, insurance costs can vary. Each company considers different factors as main in its questionnaire.


Thus, if an individual presents an unfavorable profile in relation to a specific factor, they may pay more with one insurance company than with another.

However, it is essential to be honest during this risk assessment. If the insurer identifies inconsistent information in the event of a claim, it may deny payment of compensation, alleging fraud on the part of the insured.

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Everything You Need to Know About Conventional Auto Insurance

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Everything You Need to Know About Conventional Auto Insurance



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Everything You Need to Know About Conventional Auto Insurance

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