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Felipe Melo provokes Flamengo and twisted pin

Felipe Melo, Fluminense midfielder, gave a strong statement about Flamengo and generated controversy when he said he saved the club from relegation

Felipe Meloholder of Fluminensedid not miss the opportunity to pin the Flamengo during his interview for “Flow Sport Club”. Revealed by the red-black team, the defensive midfielder never hid his roots with the Gávea team, but has become an uncomfortable rival for Fla in recent seasons. Flamengo supporters even show no affection for the midfielder, who seems to be bothered by it.

According to Felipe Melo, Flamengo fans do not have any kind of gratitude for him, even after having saved the team from relegation. The Fluminense steering wheel highlighted that he has affection for the club that revealed it and said that he does not understand the reason for so much irritation. Even so, he did not fail to give a slight pinprick to his rivals.


People have little gratitude within football, right? I spent more than 10 years of my life at Flamengo, and I am immensely grateful for Flamengo. People are like: ‘This guy is very angry with Flamengo’. I’m not angry. The greatest respect I can show Flamengo, and any club I’m at, as I am at Fluminense today, is to take the field and give my life.“, it began. But Felipe Melo would still give Flamengo a big pin.

At the age of 18, I took Flamengo out of the Second Division. That game in Juiz de Fora, if Flamengo draws, it falls to Série B. I just entered the field and scored the goal that took Flamengo out of Série B. This is one of my biggest trophies. (…) And today the guys are cursing me a lot. So this gratitude is not reciprocated“, he completed.

In addition to saying that he saved Flamengo from relegation, Felipe Melo took advantage of the opportunity and gave the red-black fans a pinprick; steering wheel compared with Fluminense fans!

We know that when the Fluminense fans go to Maracanã or to any stadium where we are going to play, they automatically say: “I trust you. I didn’t do that a few years ago, but I’m doing it now because I trust you. you”. This confidence is fuel for us to go out on the field and say: “My brother, it doesn’t matter, we have to run for ourselves, for our family and such, but the guys are there, man. Come on, come on”… The fan is a fundamental part, as was the Palmeiras fan in that final, even conceding a goal“, began before ending with the following comparison:

That’s what they say, in that game there was the wind against it, right? But headwind is always complicated (laughs). Now there’s a headwind in Rio too, because Fluminense fans are having a great party too”completed.

Felipe Melo provokes Flamengo and twisted pin

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