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How does a man express his desire to a woman?

Does a man who wants a woman necessarily express it through innuendo or raw words? Does desire in the masculine always mean drive? The cliché of the romantic woman and the more animal man is indeed very widespread. A woman will often prefer a particular emotional context more to give birth to her desire. But things are obviously not fixed. And to communicate his desire, a man can just as much want romanticism, a game of seduction and especially feel desirable and desired. To make his desire understood, he uses a specific body and verbal language. How does a man express his desire to a woman? Are there specificities of male desire?\



How does a man express his desire to a woman?

Men desire
Men desire

It’s all in the eye

A man who wants to look you straight in the eye. Then his eyes linger on your body, like the metaphor of a caress. Many things are communicated by the gaze of a man. It will detail with your eyes the parts of your body that attract it the most. His attention will be on your neck, your neckline, your hands, your legs, according to his preferences.

An expressive mouth

The gaze is not the only thing that changes in a man who feels desire. Other parts of his face are solicited, and especially his mouth. You’ll see him licking his lips, biting them or even mimicking what you’re doing with yours! In addition, his breathing can also change without him noticing.


How does a man express his desire? Mimicry

When two people like each other, desire each other and play together a game of seduction, as if by a kind of magic, the gestures of one are modelled on those of the other. They often find themselves in the same position, smile at each other at the same time, have an open posture. This is called the phenomenon of mimicry or the mirror effect.

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A softer voice

Beyond flirting more or less openly with you, you will feel less focused on what you say to yourself. It will seem to you elsewhere, as a little distracted. Not because you are not interested, on the contrary, but because he will seek to direct the conversation towards a more personal subject in order to convey to you the following message: he is attracted to you. For this, you will notice that his voice will be softer, sweeter and more serious,and that he will speak softer.


A man who wants you will compliment you. Compliments are indeed part of the language of love,and obviously of desire. In this context, his compliments will be more oriented on your physique, your outfit, your perfume, your voice. He will want you to understand that you like him. To express it for example, he can tell you that your outfit will delight you, that it highlights you, you ask if you have done something to your hair, that you are very beautiful and very attractive

How does a man express his desire?

Naughty words

If you already have a certain connection or are in a relationship, more naughty words will accompany his body language. You already share a complicity, trust, also your man allows himself to flirt with you verbally. For this, he will give a slightly more naughty tone to the conversation. By using sweet words, by innuendo, by suggesting or by clearly telling you the effect you are making on him, he will thus express his desire for you.


Hustle and bustle

On the other hand, a man who wants to have sex with you but who is not quite comfortable, is shy or fears your reaction may seem a little restless. It will change places, will have a hard time channeling itself. Indeed, when a man wants to make love, he has energy to spend so everything will be pretext to do it. He will take opportunities to get up, move or put something away. His hands will betray him, especially if you see him playing with something!

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A physical rapprochement

If he is comfortable and you attract him, he will get closer physically by breaking what is called the security perimeter that there is between you. This is estimated at about 50 cm. This rapprochement will then be accompanied by a physical contact and it will be tactile, the air of nothing at first. For example, during your conversation, he will touch your shoulder or he will “accidentally” touch your hand. He doesn’t want to appear aggressive or force things so he uses a softer tactic to find excuses to touch you. This is called kino-escalation in terms of seduction, or the fact of s.e.x.ualizing an exchange.

How does a man express his desire to a woman? A flirtation of the 5 senses

That is the next step. Once the connection is established, if he feels receptive, then his body language will change. A man who wants to have sex with you will show you that he desires you. After sight (looking at you), hearing (listening to you), smell (feeling you), he still has two senses to use to get his message across and show you that you like it: touch and taste. We like to touch and then taste what we want. Then you’ll see him get closer, take your hand, stroke your arm, touch your hair, and if he feels you want the same thing, he’ll go so far as to kiss you. And more if affinities according to the context and your desires consented and shared!

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