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the right one

Undoubtedly one of the most tenacious, persistent, and annoying questions when you are in a relationship with someone… I like it yes, but… Is it the right one? Here’s what you should take into account to help you answer this tricky question!


Are you compatible?

Love is a feeling that we do not control, especially when it is combined with desire… This makes many couples who start quickly realize that they are not so compatible, over weeks or even months! But love is a long journey full of pitfalls… To do so, you must be united and your goals are the same! (the right one)


It is unfortunately difficult, but possible, to manage to have sufficient hindsight at the beginning of the relationship with regard to your compatibility. Passion can blind and camouflage all those little warning signs that something is really wrong between you.

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Be that as it may, do not imagine that certain differences in characters, behaviors, opinions etc… Will diminish over time. In many cases, this is far from being the case. And love is not the only thing that allows a couple to hold out in the long term, it is better to stop the costs as soon as possible, before investing too much in a relationship that sinks in the long term into the wall.

Does your short-term vision match? (the right one)

To help discern if you have the same future goals, compare your goals, your projects, in the short term, that is, 3 years in the future. Where do you see yourself, what do you do, what does your daily life look like? Indeed, if you are preparing either of you to go abroad for a more or less long time, or if you intend to join the army, or to give preference to long studies, or whatever, you may have to reconsider, one or the other, the future of your couple.

Be careful, we do not ask you to have identical projects, 100% similar future prospects! It is only necessary that your goals make sense and are compatible with each other. That you are ready to do those of your partner, and vice versa.


Do you love yourself? (the right one)

Self-esteem and self-love are paramount in a relationship! Unfortunately, we neglect them too often, believing that the love that the other has for us will be able to replace them… Which is wrong! It is a long-term task for some, but the result will always be worth it. Because if you love yourself as you are, then you will know what is good and best for you! So teach yourself to love yourself before you love another person.

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So if this is the case, ask yourself very seriously the question: deep down, do you think that your darling will be the one who manages to fill you, and to walk with you several years while trying to make you happy?

What is the end of the matter? (the right one)

If after answering these questions, you realize that your story is a beautiful story, but that there is little chance that your man is really the right one, then rest assured, you will be able to find a man who will be better able to share his life with you!

The answers are always in favor of your other half? Do you feel that your whole body, all your heart, all your soul is demanding it? But what are you waiting for? GO AND KISS HIM AND TRY TO LIVE HAPPILY BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND LONG YEARS!


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