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Is it worth taking out motorcycle insurance through a cooperative?
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Understand why it is not a good deal to take out motorcycle insurance in a cooperative, what is the difference between a cooperative and an insurance company and more details on this subject.

Not having insurance these days is practically crazy, as theft rates are increasingly high and, regardless of whether you have a car or a motorcycle, it is important to ensure your protection.


The big issue is that many people do not have the financial means to afford insurance from a well-known company on the market.

Proauto insurance: what does it offer? How it works?

And these people may end up choosing to take out motorcycle insurance through a cooperative.

But this is not a good idea, understand why.

Is it worth taking out motorcycle insurance through a cooperative?

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How do cooperatives work?

Cooperatives work differently from insurance, as they are basically a group of people who organize themselves to manage a monetary fund, formed by paying an annual fee and monthly fees that are lower than the amounts found in insurance.

When a car protected by the service suffers an accident, those responsible for this group hire a professional and pay for the necessary repairs with the amount accumulated in the collective fund.

Although it seems like an interesting deal, especially given the low monthly amount paid, it is not truly guaranteed protection.

Since if more than one car in the group suffers an accident, there may not be enough cash on hand to cover the repair costs for both vehicles.


Especially if the claims are considered a total loss, where the expense is greater.

The lack of cash can cause the person to take a while to receive the amount as there is no maximum period for reimbursement.

In addition to coverage for damage, cooperative motorcycle insurance can offer extra services such as towing and mechanical assistance to be more attractive.

See the difference between insurance and the cooperative

Unlike cooperatives, insurance companies are companies that have a good financial reserve and, therefore, are not at risk of not having money to compensate their policyholders.


Furthermore, when you hire the service of an insurance company, you will have trained professionals and agility in processes at your disposal, factors that make your experience much smoother and safer.

However, what makes many people take the risk and opt for a cooperative instead of motorcycle insurance is the price and lack of information.

Since it is not uncommon for people to purchase vehicle protection from a cooperative believing that they have purchased car insurance, however, when checking the policy the difference can be noticed.

Another point that demonstrates the difference between motorcycle insurance in a cooperative and an insurance company is the value.


In the first case, it is possible to find a more affordable price of around 70%.

Finally, cooperatives do not carry out profile analysis, this makes membership less bureaucratic and can bring great savings.

A person who has a higher risk of suffering an accident pays the same amount as someone who has a small chance of having their motorcycle damaged.

Coverages that insurance companies have and cooperatives do not

When weighing up the balance to decide which is the best option, the customer must also think about coverage and facilities that are only available in the insurance offered by insurers, and are not offered by cooperatives.


An example of this coverage is 24-hour assistance, locksmith and technical and mechanical assistance in the event of an electrical breakdown or dry outage.

These services may seem simple and affordable at first, but in an emergency, they can make a big difference.

Furthermore, all the technicians who provide the service are of quality.

Which also reassures the insured.


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Another very important coverage for motorcyclists is coverage for accessories.

This, in fact, is an additional option offered by insurance companies, but which is not available for the choice of cooperative customers.

Coverage for accessories covers, for example, helmets, gloves, boots and jackets.

Is the value of motorcycle insurance with the insurance company different from the value of the cooperative?

The insurance offered by insurers is normally a final value, depending on the model and driver profile.


This amount, as it is sometimes considered high, is paid in installments by the insured.

The value of motorcycle insurance with the insurer is around R$1,000, and may be higher depending on the value of the motorcycle.

Vehicle protection, as mentioned previously, charges an annual fee and monthly fees throughout the year.

To compare, we can think that motorcycle insurance worth R$1,200, divided into 10 installments, represents a monthly payment of R$120.


Meanwhile, vehicle protection for motorcycles can be found for a price between R$60 and R$100.

And the lower price (almost half) is what really attracts the most attention in the insurance offered by cooperatives.

It is also for this same reason that many people take out insurance from cooperatives, believing that it is insurance offered by insurers at the lowest price.

Why is taking out motorcycle insurance through a cooperative risky?

Relying on cooperative motorcycle insurance is very risky.


The client may never be sure of the suitability and competence of the professionals involved and, therefore, run the risk of falling for scams and incurring immense losses.

There are many cooperatives that sell vehicle protection as if it were insurance, and when the customer needs a service or compensation they encounter difficulties and often, no.

This is because automotive protection is an expression that does not have legal validity, which means that protections and coverage are quite vague.

Cooperative motorcycle insurance is not regulated by SUSEP, the body responsible for the insurance sector.


This means that the company does not follow current rules and also does not undergo inspections, which leads to doubts about its services.

Despite being cheaper, the vehicle protection offered by cooperatives or associations can pose risks to members.

Many end up going unnoticed at first, but at the time of the accident, they can cause a huge headache.

The first is the fact that some mechanics that provide services to cooperatives use pirated parts to carry out repairs.


These parts are chosen because of their price, which is lower than the price of the original parts.

However, these parts have much lower performance and can even harm the functioning of other parts of the vehicle.

Furthermore, they can often come from illegal dismantling, which encourages vehicle theft.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the company's reputation and the service provided to policyholders.


This is because you need to be very careful about possible scams.

Therefore, there are no rules regarding how the service must be provided, nor which deadlines must be respected.

Therefore, the member, in times of need, can often end up being left in the lurch.

The repair may take a long time or even not happen.


In more serious cases, there are also companies that just collect money from policyholders and then disappear, leaving everyone to watch ships.

In each case, the motorcyclist must evaluate the best value for money, remembering that if the price difference is small, cooperative insurance becomes not worth it, due to the risk involved in providing this service.

Furthermore, if there is a sufficient amount available to take out insurance, it is best to opt for insurance companies, as in many cases, the claim will be resolved in a more efficient way.

After all, no one wants to leave an asset as expensive as motorcycles, taking unnecessary risks.


Now that you've seen the importance of having motorcycle insurance, and the best way to acquire it, don't waste any more time and quote insurance for your vehicle.

Is it worth taking out motorcycle insurance through a cooperative?

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Is it worth taking out motorcycle insurance through a cooperative?


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Is it worth taking out motorcycle insurance through a cooperative?

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