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Mabi Swimwear launches collaboration with Indigenous activist Yarikazu

The brand MABI Swimwear, already known for its slogan SUSTAINABLE IS SEXY, launches this summer a limited collection of hand-painted swimsuits in collaboration with indigenous activist Yarikazu Xipaya . Mabi Swimwear swimsuits are revealed as a canvas where the art of indigenous painting contributes both to the beauty of each unique piece and to the brand’s ongoing work to raise awareness of the protection of the Amazon Rainforest and its people. For a few seasons, the brand has been supporting Aldeia Waninawa by supporting fundraising through its sustainability page . In this collection, the total profit will be used to help Yarikazu continue his higher studies at the Faculty of Law, providing him with tools for his battle in a war to defend the culture and preserve the traditions of the indigenous peoples and Yanomami village, home of Yarikazu.

Using education as a weapon, Yarikazu is studying the last year of law school in Belém, a city 18 hours away by bus from his village. She studies to promote the development of her village, reverse environmental and political decisions, preserve ancestral traditions and defend humanitarian and ecological causes. She makes paintings with sustainable materials to raise funds to complete her studies and form the Association in Defense of Indigenous Peoples for a better world that respects nature and the rights of these peoples.



-Yarikazu Xipaya.

The limited edition of the YARIKAZU X MABI SWIMWEAR collection is yet another philanthropic initiative by the brand already known for its philosophy of sustainability and love of nature. With its products inspired by the many beauties contained in our planet Earth, MABI believes that fashion can be a force for good and can be used to raise awareness about the preservation of the environment.

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The YARIKAZU X MABI SWIMWEAR collaboration turns swimsuits into canvases where the artist creates unique hand-painted artworks. In this way, the brand brings the aesthetics of indigenous art to its products, bringing together the young public and the trend-conscious consumer with exclusive pieces.


My collaboration with Yarikazu is to show others the importance of indigenous culture. Indigenous peoples are not just guardians of the forest, they have culture, they are artists, musicians, doctors and students”, says Maristela Soares .

To keep his ancestral culture alive, Yarikazu paints his body and, in this partnership, handpaints each piece with the same technique and materials. In the tradition of indigenous peoples, each design painted on their body has a meaning.

Our painting goes beyond aesthetics, painting is like our second skin, a protection, a connection with our ancestors, and with Mother Earth, our paintings are our identity.” Commentary on the indigenous activist from the Apïrinã community, which means “black jaguar” or panther in Xipaya.

The swimsuits will be produced in just 100 pieces, and the ink used in this technique is the juice extracted from a fruit called jenipapo, which brings its black color together with the seed.


In collaboration, you can find four styles:

The name RUDA from mythology, Tupi Guarani, means LOVE and Prosperity. This is a painting of the Yudja/Juruna people in Portuguese. This painting depicts the Acari fish. It is a hardy little fish found only in rough and rocky waters, in the waterfalls of the Xingu River, and is part of the diet of the Yarikazu tribe.

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NARA in tupi guarani it means mother of the waters. This painting represents the meeting of the waters. The Xipaya and Juruna peoples are among the tribes of the middle Xingu region. They have an excellent knowledge of the rivers and have continuously inhabited the riverbanks, having been the first to navigate the waters of the Xingu River.

JACI she is the goddess of the moon and guardian of the night, protector of lovers and reproduction. This is a painting of a snail, a very resistant animal. With their shells we make rattles, ornaments that we tie to our feet for dancing and singing.


TUPAN spirit of thunder is the great creator of the heavens, the earth, the seas, the animal and vegetable world. This painting is of the shell of the tortoise, one of the most robust and resistant animals in nature. It can go up to 6 months without eating or drinking water and still survive. The turtle is synonymous with strength and resilience.

I only feel good, protected when I’m painted; it is a way of always being connected to my past, I feel protected by my ancestors, and it is a way of saying that there are indigenous peoples in various spaces that we are not “indigenous” in society’s view, that we do not have this standard, that we are diverse and plural. Indigenous people don’t have color, to be indigenous you don’t need to have straight hair”, says Yarikazu .

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NARA & JACI – Yarikazu x Mabi Swimwear

Yarikazu Xipaya has become the latest brand ambassador for MABI Swimwear, bringing the ethnic richness of hand-painted designs to this limited collection. MABI intends to raise awareness and support the activist’s work.


At MABI Swimwear, you will find sustainable features from the choice of fabrics to biodegradable labels or the inclusion of colors created through natural dyeing and mineral salts. Flowers, roots and seeds are the main components of the prints, while plants, spices and vegetables provide the pigment. These dyeing and printing processes are 100% authentically made in Brazil with local Brazilian materials and elements.

Maristela Soares

Founder and Designer of MABI in the Amazon Rainforest

Maristela Soares is the designer and founder of the brand and, as a Brazilian, she has a deep passion for protecting the Amazon rainforest. To honor this, her designs are directly inspired by the Amazon and indigenous peoples, who she believes are her only protectors. While we wait for initiatives like this to become a reality in Brazil, MABI wants to do its part to protect those who protect us and look after the well-being of our planet.


Maristela has a determined will to change the world and an incessant desire for change. She wants to raise awareness of the catastrophic consequences of fast fashion, heal our exploited Earth, provide better conditions for people who work in textile factories, and encourage consumers to choose wisely.

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MABI is always looking for the best and most ecological materials, contributing to ecological initiatives. As a result, in the spring of 2017, the second MABI brand joined the “Green Initiative”. The initiative is part of the Carbon Free Project, which neutralizes MABI’s carbon emissions and combats deforestation by planting native trees in preservation areas. Through these programs, the main objective is to recompose the landscapes by planting trees in the Atlantic Forest in the most degraded areas of Cantareira.

That’s why MABI’s mission is to show the world that indigenous people are not just guardians of the forest, but can also be incredibly creative and innovative. Maristela wants to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the natural environment and celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of indigenous peoples.

“We are sure that, by joining forces, we can raise awareness of the catastrophic consequences that fashion can cause on our planet. It is time to give back to the Earth. We intend to heal our exploited land, providing better conditions for those who work in textile factories and encouraging the consumer to shop consciously. Because living a sustainable life while wearing ethically produced clothing is sexy too!” adds Maristela Soares.


The beauty of nature inspires MABI swimwear designs, and the brand wants to bring the elegance and sophistication of sustainable fashion to the beach. By choosing the MABI brand, we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

“We are nature lovers. Inspired by all the beauty contained in our planet Earth, we believe that fashion can be a perfect way to promote the preservation of the environment”, ends Maristela Soares.

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At MABI Swimwear, they take matters into their own hands. With the Amazon at the heart of our sustainable mission: Partnering with Indigenous Peoples offers one of the most socially responsible and leveraged opportunities to address the key factors impacting the Amazon rainforest.

Deforestation has devastating impacts on biodiversity, food security and global warming. Better protection, expansion and better management of the world’s forests is considered by many experts to be one of the most promising nature-based solutions . In this sense, the oft-repeated idea that indigenous peoples are the “guardians of the forest” is not trivial.





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Mabi Swimwear launches collaboration with Indigenous activist Yarikazu

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