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sex positions when you are pregnant

Sex while pregnant is absolutely possible! At times you can be really looking forward to it. But how do you keep your sex life great with a round, pregnant belly?

We tell you what you want to know about the best sex and most comfortable sex positions during your pregnancy.

Libido when you are pregnant
When you are pregnant, you produce a lot of estrogen and progesterone. Because you produce more of these hormones, your body changes and your libido gets a boost . During your pregnancy, more blood is pumped towards the uterus and pelvis, so that you are more likely to be irritated there. Your vagina also produces more moisture and your breasts and nipples are more sensitive.

But um, keep in mind that for the first four months you may not feel like or have any energy for sex at all. Due to possible pregnancy ailments such as morning sickness and fatigue, you may not need any action between the sheets. But maybe you feel more like having sex and then these sex positions are absolutely great.


sex positions when you are pregnant

Sex and positions when you are pregnant
The missionary position may not be so relaxed with a round belly. Try the following sex positions.

I'm no longer sure of my feelings

Lie on your side with your partner lying behind you. The penetration is not that deep.

When you are on top, there is no pressure on your stomach and you can determine the pace and how deep the penetration goes.

Missionary, but slightly different
You lie on your back at the edge of the bed, with your knees bent and feet on the edge of the mattress. Your partner is standing and entering you.


Sex on the couch
Kneel on a bench, with your stomach facing the back cushion. Use your arms to support you. Your partner enters you from behind.

You are on your hands and knees and your partner is behind you. The position of the arms allows your partner to vary the degree and intensity of the penetration.

sex positions when you are pregnant




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