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take a break in a romantic relationship

You no longer know very well where you are in your relationship and the idea of taking a break with your partner crosses your mind? We will guide you throughout this article on the questions to ask yourself before then, during the break and the rules to respect together to best help your relationship during this questioning.

Here are the essential rules to take a break in a romantic relationship.

The essential rules to take a break in a romantic relationship

What is the station wagon?

The break is a separation due to too frequent or painful seizures, which can allow the couple to take a break to wonder about a potential future together. It is often due to a difficulty of communicating within the couple and to many unspoken.


The wrong reasons to take a break (take a break in a romantic relationship)

The break is not a good solution if it is to try to make your partner jealous, go elsewhere, test your darling to know how he will react and if he will say “yes”, to do emotional blackmail or if it is to try to break up gently.

Discuss the reasons together: If you are the one asking for the break, tell him why you want to do it and what you expect from it afterwards. What are your goals (alone and in pairs)? What battle plan will you put in place to better come back after the break?

Define your relationship

Then set rules together so you don’t hurt or hurt your partner. The more you have set this upstream, the better you will communicate during the break, and the more your couple will be able to start on a good basis!

How long does a break in a couple last?

The break should last a long enough time to allow you to take a step back, ask yourself the right questions and see more clearly. But it should also not be too long so that the break is not seen as a breakup in the eyes of your partner.


We advise you to do this between one to two weeks maximum.

Good reasons to take a break (take a break in a romantic relationship)

The question of the break arises if you are constantly arguing lately, if you can no longer communicate,if you can no longer listen to your partner, or if you feel like you are suffocating and you can no longer stand his presence.

The rules of the break

For the break to go as smoothly as possible, it is essential to set a few rules. Without rules, you might be running straight for separation. Choose the ones that seem important to you and your partner and use them in a way that suits you.

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Questions to ask together to take a break

How long should the break last? : Minimum one week or two weeks maximum. Less than a week, you won’t be able to take enough perspective on your relationship, and if you do more than a week, your break will tend to look more like a breakup.


Do we see each other during the break? Do we call or text each other? : Communicating during the break is essential. The goal is not necessarily to make radio silence but to tell your partner where you are, how you are moving forward and what you feel. This will make it possible not to completely cut off the communication between you which will make it easier for you afterwards.

Then, it will give indications that may reassure your partner. He will know where you are, that you want to move forward and maybe save your relationship. (take a break in a romantic relationship)

If so, how many times a week? What day of the week? : Determine together whether to establish specific times to call, see or send messages to each other. Doing it unexpectedly could perhaps bring stress or frustration unnecessarily, and it would show that you want to best respect the way your partner needs to follow the break.

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Or do we see each other? : At home? At home? Or in a public place?


Do we continue to make love during the break? : The choice is yours!

Will we see elsewhere during the break? : The break is not used to go elsewhere, on the contrary it serves to renew links in the relationship. If you want to go elsewhere, the break is not a solution or a way to realize your desires. Discuss it with your partner and find solutions for two to spice up your relationship.

The questions to ask yourself to take a break, on your side

During the break, multiple questions will arise for you. Leave your ego on the level and try to respond to it as best you can based on how you actually feel about that person.

Am I happy alone and with him?


Do I miss him? : Is it the lack of the first days without him because you feel a little lonely? Or is it a deeper lack where you sorely miss living things together with him? Do I want to find him again afterwards? (take a break in a romantic relationship)

If I asked to take a break, does he respect it?

How do I imagine the future with him? Do I imagine it with him?

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What made our couple experience a blow?: Work on yourself and do some background work on the issue. Let your heart speak, be frank with yourselves and try to transcribe your emotions in the simplest way possible. To help you, you can write on a sheet of paper the key elements to improve in your relationship. This will help you to see more clearly and reorganize your thoughts!


Why didn’t it work? Are there things I didn’t tell him? Or wouldn’t he have told me things that weighed on his heart? What tricks could be put in place to facilitate communication and not repress the unspoken?

The reunion (take a break in a romantic relationship)

Before you find yourself, try to formulate the words you want to say to him. Then, discuss together the reasons for this break, and formulate together solutions that you have thought of during the break to remedy it. Tell him how you felt before, during and after the break about your relationship and about yourself. Tell them how far you’ve come and where you’d like to go in the future.

Tell them what you need most in the couple and tell them why you need it.

For example, you might want to spend more time with your sweetheart, go out more often or do more things in common because sharing is an important notion for you and to feel loved! (take a break in a romantic relationship)


Or if not, you may feel the need to be more listened to within your couple, which is a vital need for its survival by the way! Tell him how you feel when you feel bad about this painful feeling of not being listened to enough. Do you feel like you’re not being respected? To suffer the relationship? Not to be loved at your true value? Find the words of your suffering and then find solutions together to make your partner feel better in the relationship.

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Then see if your feelings and desires match, then decide!

Taking a break is looking for solutions to problems, it is NOT a breakup


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