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The main causes of couple disputes

Which couple doesn’t argue? none! Disputes are healthy as long as the communication is healthy too! But what are the main causes of couple disputes? What comes up frequently? This is what we are going to see today.

The main causes of couple disputes: Some figures (The main causes of couple disputes)

According to a study conducted by the dating site Meetic, 53.95% of couples believe that their arguments last only a few hours… When 26.09% believe that theirs still last several days!

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This same study reveals that a third of the French say that in the long run, these disputes could lead to a separation.


How do we react during an argument?

34.19% of those surveyed say they sulk during an argument! 36.76% would scream, 21.15% would leave the room and 7.91% would cry.

We didn’t get out of the hostel friends! Because sulking serves absolutely no purpose, I even believe that it is the last thing to do! Indeed, sulking means putting oneself in a corner and no longer talking to one another and therefore, breaking off all communication. How to reconcile or understand the reasons for this dispute if you sulk? (The main causes of couple disputes)

Shouting also breaks communication. A person who screams no longer has full control over himself and does not have clear ideas.

Leaving the room can be a good thing if it is precisely to regain your spirits and come back calmed, ready for discussion.


Finally, crying can annoy the other because putting oneself in the position of victim during an argument is never a solution to be consoled. On the contrary!

The main causes of couple disputes (and their solutions) (The main causes of couple disputes)

Cause of #1 dispute: Household chores

How can I tell you that I am not really surprised that household chores come first in disputes! Household chores, for 75% of those surveyed, would be THE main cause of a couple’s argument, with household (64%), dishes (34.5%) and kitchen (30.6%)! Small arguments that can affect the strength of a couple in the long term.

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And yes, we tend to think that it’s not a big deal: we only argue “for that”. Yes, but if you argue for this, every day, every week, it can seriously impact your marital happiness!

solution? (The main causes of couple disputes)

I invite you to read my article: The art of arguing in which I give you many tips to avoid arguments, especially on household chores.


But if I had to advise you only one solution: the schedule. By putting a schedule in place, you’ll have a much lower chance of arguing about who didn’t do what. Also, the housekeeper helps well! I know, it’s a budget. But when you look at it, if you have money to buy cigarettes, you have 80 a month to spend on a housekeeper.

Cause of dispute #2: New technologies

The new technologies and especially the time spent on his phone would generate many couple disputes! I would add to this that social networks have not helped in marital fulfillment either: who is this girl who linked your photo?

solution? (The main causes of couple disputes)

As for the time spent on the phone, with my man we put schedules. For example forbidden to the mobile in bed (whether in the morning or in the evening). Similarly, prohibited when you eat or when you do an activity for two.

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As for social networks, I know it’s not easy for everyone but stop screwing up your life looking at everything that happens on Facebook, Instagram… We are much happier without all these social networks, embelisseurs of reality. Besides, happy couples do not spread their lives on social networks!


Cause of #3 dispute: DIY and policy issues

And yes, who has never argued during the assembly of a piece of furniture? The instructions for mounting a piece of furniture are a real cause of couple argument even if it may seem “funny”.

The same applies to policy issues. If you have read “Men come from March the women of Venus”, you know that men have a hard time asking for their way when they are lost (because they do not want to admit it to themselves). This can lead to big arguments.

solution? (The main causes of couple disputes)

As for DIY: Decide from the beginning who is the “boss”, who will assemble the furniture. And if one of the two gets upset, the other takes off.

As for asking for your way: If your darling is lost and he does not dare to admit it, stop at the first bakery pretending to go buy croissants and take the opportunity to ask for your way. Thus, no risk of seeing him all ashamed.


Cause of #4 dispute: The in-laws

It’s not new, the in-laws have always been a great source of contention (except when you have the chance to get along very well with it). Whether it is a question of politics, of different social backgrounds, of religion… It is not always easy to keep calm… And not to say what one thinks of the family of the other.

Money and the couple, friend or foe?


This will depend above all on the cause of the conflict. But, overall, if you don’t have to have your in-laws regularly, I advise you to look good at family events. And to avoid spitting your hatred at your partner. Because it never feels good to hear the person we like criticize our family.

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