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How to dress to meet your in-laws?



How to dress to meet your in-laws

How to dress to meet your in-laws?

You will meet your in-laws for the first time. The first meeting is the moment that allows everyone to get an idea about the other and especially the opportunity to make a good first impression. In a few seconds, just by looking at oneself, one can gauge and therefore judge the other. If the habit does not make the monk as the proverb says, we will not lie, the dress and appearance play for a lot in the image that we send back to others.

This necessarily conditions their feelings and therefore their opinion. And this famous first impression is even more important when it comes to meeting your in-laws. So how to dress to meet your in-laws? It is not that anecdotal! Here are some simple but effective answers for you to become the ideal daughter-in-law or the perfect son-in-law at a glance!



How to dress to meet your in-laws?

Finding the ideal outfit for a first meeting with your in-laws can quickly turn into a real headache. A crumpled shirt and you are neglected, a skirt too short and you border on vulgarity. So which outfit to choose to be sure of scoring points about the famous first impression during this first meeting?

The whole thing is to stay yourself of course, while finding the most suitable outfit in your wardrobe for this kind of meeting. Official presentations with the in-laws are one of those moments that always cause a little stress, but that go very well most of the time!

And above all, do not forget to make a good impression thanks to your savoir-vivre: be punctual of course, polite and smiling, take care of your manners, and think about bringing something back to your parents-in-laws, such as the traditional bouquet of flowers and / or a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

How to dress to meet your in-laws?

To begin with, here are mixed tips, which are valid whether you are a man or a woman.


Joint councils

Ask your darling’s opinion

The most logical thing to do is obviously to ask your partner what is most suitable in terms of dress for this occasion. You have been together for some time, so you know his environment, his education, his way of being and you have heard about your future in-laws. Should we expect a barbecue or a lunch that drags on? Your choice of outfit depends on the meeting, and his own way of dressing will give you clues about what is best for this first meeting.

Take into consideration social rank?

Another clue may be the social rank of your in-laws. Although it is old-fashioned, in some circles there are still rules to follow, a certain protocol of sorts, codes to respect. If this is the case for you, there is a good chance that your companion will again guide you at best to be the best version of yourself during this meeting. You are certainly not playing your life and it is not a trap, but the goal is that it goes as well as possible. Tell yourself that if your partner wants to introduce you, it is because he loves you and you are worthy of him or her in his eyes. And that’s the most important thing!

Simplicity above all

It cannot be said often enough, simplicity is a guarantee of respect and success. Staying natural is your best chance to feel comfortable and therefore show yourself in your best light. Of course, if you have a very strong style, it may be good to mitigate it. But for all that, you will not, for example, erase your tattoos or discolor your hair for this meeting! A little discretion about your outfit, makeup and accessories is a good idea, but don’t go so far as to distort yourself by becoming another person.

Staying yourself

That’s the challenge: finding a balance between your personality and the context of the situation. Indeed, it is important to show your in-laws who you are. It is therefore essential that you are comfortable during this meeting. Therefore, do not wear an outfit in which you feel like you are disguised.


How to dress to meet your in-laws?

More specific advice for her

Don’t get too ready, you don’t go to a wedding. Yes for discreet makeup, no to the paint pot. And above all, forget about dresses that are too provocative, very short or split and necklines that are too generous. So for example, the combo small dress in silk and high heels is to be banned.


Instead, choose a neutral and soft color palette. Pearl greys, whites, old-roses or mint greens work very well unless it goes totally against your personality. But colors that are too garish or flashy can be aggressive in the eyes of others. If possible, keep these colors as orange or red for example for accessories. Wear pastel, burgundy, black or white. On the other hand, avoid roses that are too light (you are no longer a wise little girl) or too marked (keep the fuchsia for an aperitif with girlfriends). You would be sending the wrong message. Similarly, also leave aside the colors with earthytones, which would give you a dull, sad, without relief and without personality.

The ideal outfit?

For example, a straight dress with an elegant but not too tight cut or a skater skirt and blouse will do the trick. You can also opt for a more working-girloutfit, with black carrot-cut pants or tight-fitting raw jeans, a blouse and a jacket. Pumps are quite possible if not too showy, as well as pretty boots in winter or sandals compensated in summer.

More specific advice for him (How to dress to meet your in-laws)


Opt for a sober and minimaliststyle. No full suit/tie, you know, the one you wear only for weddings and funerals. This is not an opportunity. Conversely, don’t be too casual either. This is not a meal with friends. So avoid T-Shirts, joggings, sneakers and caps. To banish, the teenager look with T-shirts with offbeat message.


Combine the casual-chic style, or the art of mixing simple everyday pieces with elegant elements. For example, a shirt well cut in pastel tones to mix with “safe values” tones such as beige, navy, burgundy, gray

An ideal outfit?

For materials, play the fluidity in summer with linen pants or shirts (to be ironed imperatively) and raw jeans, dark preferably in winter. Avoid low-waisted jeans, washed out or too slim. You can play it both chic and casual with a sky blue or white shirt and a suit jacket. In winter, a nice, well-cut sweater on jeans or black pants is also stylish.

Little tips

The details make the difference, so don’t forget that it’s important to know how to combine the colors of your clothes.

And take the time to wax your shoes well; this is one of the first things you notice when a person enters a room.


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