Final Fantasy XVI uses PS5 speed in the combat system, explains Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI uses PS5

Final Fantasy XVI uses PS5 – Square Enix clarified that the main reason why Final Fantasy XVI is not cross-gen is not its graphics, but its combat system, which depends on the memory and transfer speed of the PS5.

Final Fantasy XVI uses PS5

As reported by IGN , who had the opportunity to play a preview of the game recently, Final Fantasy XVI’s boss battles seamlessly blend player-controlled bits and cutscenes. To create this without loading screens or moments where the screen goes dark, Square Enix relied on the power of the PS5.

“While you’re fighting Ifrit and Garuda and having that big battle [in the demo that the press had access to], in the background the PS5 is loading the next scene,” explained producer Naoki Yoshida. “It’s getting ready, so we can get into it without any problems.”

Final Fantasy XVI uses PS5

Combat director Ryoto Suzuki added, “You’re graphing the fists and the claws and the wings [of Eikon’s abilities] and everything in real time and all these beautiful graphics and having all these different options. But being able to do all of that seamlessly is possible because of the power of the PS5.”

“If we didn’t have the memory that the PS5 has, and also the SSD transfer speed that the PS5 has, we would still be in development right now.”

Final Fantasy XVI arrives on June 22 for PS5. A demo will be made available two weeks before launch. To see the gameplay in action, visit this link .

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