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How to earn


Afrilatest is a reputable website that let you make money online, we reward all your activities in our site since your committed to our affiliate marketing.

How to get more DCP {dollar converted points} and withdraw your earnings.

Just with a One time registration FEE of 5.45 dollars and your all setup.

For dollar account make your payment

  • 5.45$ is equal to 2,000 Naira only for Nigeria’s
  • 5.45$ is equal to 46.97 Ghanaian Cedi
  • The same converting rate for all country.

Payment merchants

Warnings: Do not pay to anyone who is not among the listed merchants, be guided.


(1) Account Officer: GT-BANK, (ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0148824482, PAUL NWOGO)

Officer in charge of the below payment : Martins Xavier

(2) BITCOIN PAYMENT: 3AKD4Jw6A9q1zx8DmaTXnJ5nuWicUesErT

(3) ETHERUM PAYMENT : 0xdf602d4830C7ca8ED761e0F8349337584EA99Dc5

How it works {DCP means Dollar Converted Points}


10 DCP Awards

  • Once sign up, you receive 1000 DCP
  • Daily login reward is : 100 DCP
  • 10 Points for comment on any post
  • 50 DCPS for invites to the website
  • 10 DCPS for video streaming
  • 100 DCPS for campaign tasks
  • 20 DCPS for listening to audios
  • Affiliate Commission rewards
  • Affiliate registration reward
  • Referral reward

3 DCP Deducts

  • -10 DCPS for get a comment marked as spam 1 time
  • -100 DCPS for account marked as inactive 1 time
  • Each fake action that triggered rejection, 440 DCPwill be deducted from you.

Note: We pay 100% without referral.

Afrilatest.com pays her members 2.50 dollars for all affiliate comission which you can withdraw weekly.

Points earnings values : 700 DCPS is equivalent to one dollars prior to placing a withdrawal.