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Instagram suspends Ye and Pete shares photo in bed

Although Kim Kardashian and Ye are now officially divorced, the rapper still does not leave his ex-wife alone. He lashes out at her and her new partner Pete Davidson via social media, which leads to serious riots online. It also makes shared parenting a lot more complicated, as is clear.

Davidson posted screenshots of his conversation with Ye earlier this week via a friend’s account. The comedian, who has been in a relationship with Kardashian for several months, asks the rapper to stop with the negative messages about the reality star.

“Yo, here’s Skete (the nickname Ye gave to Davidson, ed.). Can you please stop and calm down? It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and it doesn’t have to be like this.


Kim is the best mom I’ve ever had What she’s doing for your kids is amazing and you’re so fucking lucky she’s the mother of your kids I’ve decided I can’t accept you treating us like that anymore, I’m not going to shut up anymore Grow up “, can be read in the message.

It doesn’t come out of nowhere: in recent months, Ye has lashed out at his ex-wife and her new partner in all sorts of ways. 

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The rapper, who was still called Kanye West when he married Kardashian, calls on his fans to harass Davidson, regularly posts rumors about the comedian on Instagram and Twitter and makes a clip in which he beheads Davidson in clay animation.

Davidson has always kept himself fairly on the surface, but is fed up now. When Ye asks him where he is at the moment, he replies, “In bed with your wife,” posting a selfie. The screenshots are also removed a little later, but have already been swallowed by the web and distributed through all kinds of channels.


Instagram suspends Ye and Pete shares photo in bed: tough week for Kim Kardashian

Instagram suspends Ye and Pete shares photo in bed tough week for Kim Kardashian

Ye remains furious, that much is clear. On social media, he lashes out at anyone who has something negative to say about him. When talk show host Trevor Noah is critical of the rapper’s behavior, he receives various racist comments from Ye.

 Ye is banned from Instagram for 24 hours and given a warning: he must be careful what he posts or he will be removed completely.

It doesn’t seem to really bother the rapper. TMZ shoots him that same day sitting in the front row at a basketball game with his six-year-old son Saint.

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 Remarkable, given that Ye has suggested several times that his ex-wife is getting in the way of visits and outings with their four children.

While Kardashian has repeatedly asked her ex not to share everything publicly, including because it puts her and her partner at risk due to outraged fans of Ye, his most recent ex Julia Fox says he isn’t dangerous at all. According to the actress, who was with Ye for about a month, we should see the clip in which Davidson is beheaded as an expression of creativity.


Fox isn’t sure if we should worry about Ye, who has mental health issues. “I’ll call him, then I’ll ask him.”

In the meantime, Kardashian does not notice anything about the misery on social media . In conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, she is full of praise for her new partner. 

Davidson has since had several tattoos and a brand to express his love for her. Super romantic, the reality star calls it.

“The relationship of my mother and father (who divorced when Kardashian was young, ed.) has been a good example for me. No matter what happens, I will always protect him and will always try to do the best for him. our kids,” Kardashian replies when DeGeneres asks her about the whole situation with Ye.


“I see it as a challenge that has to teach me something. Sometimes I just have to sit down and think: what’s the lesson here? And how do I get through it? I get that it sounds super zen, but I have to.”

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In any case, through her lawyer, she managed to get a divorce from Ye as soon as possible, but that’s not the end of it. Arrangements about money, but especially about their children, have not yet been laid down.

 And because of divorces like that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, we now know that that can take years.

Kardashian has not responded to comments from Noah, who says Ye is endangering his children and ex-wife with his behavior. There is a good chance that Kardashian, who studies law, knows better and will not lash out at her ex: in a divorce it is better to fight it out in court than via social media.


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