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Luxembourg makes promise to Corinthians

Vanderlei Luxemburgo opened the game about his arrival at Corinthians and spoke about the changes he intends to make in the squad

There will be no passivity“. That was the great phrase of Vanderlei Luxemburgo to the fans of Corinthians during its presentation conference held this Friday, 5th, at CT Joaquim Grava. After making his debut in charge of the team against Independiente del Valle last Tuesday, the 2nd, the coach now had the opportunity to ‘forget’ the results and talk about his plans for Timão in 2023.


About to have a protest in front of the Corinthians training center, Luxemburgo used his speech to try to ease the pressure on Timão. The coach assured that he will not let the squad fall into a kind of comfort zone and asked the fans to understand the moment. The new Corinthians coach wants support from fans instead of chaos.

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At this moment, there is a protest, okay. But if I can get a message across. There will be no passivity within Corinthians. We will be attentive to everything that is being done. Let’s make the decisions that have to be made. I ask the fan, whom I know, to understand the moment. Turning against us, it will just separate. This crowd is fantastic when they hug the team. We need to be hugged in these moments“, he explained.

And the answer will come with work. Let’s work to not have a protest. I’m going to charge the essence of Corinthians in these players. The Corinthians fans are the center forward of the team. If I can send the message, it’s to forget about tomorrow’s protest, come along with us. This striker needs to enter the field first, so that later we can enter and be embraced. It’s a new job, with responsibility and knowing what Corinthians is all about. It will be an internal process, hard and with a lot of work. If I can ask the fans, it is to embrace this moment of ours, not to divide the club now“, assured.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo in action during Corinthians training last Thursday, the 4th (Credit: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians)

One of Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s concerns at Corinthians is the team’s psychology. Cássio, after the defeat against Independiente del Valle, did not hide his frustration and revealed that he was on the edge of sanity. Questioned on the subject, the alvinegro coach stressed that he will do everything to help his athletes and assured that he will follow this closely.

I saw Cássio’s interview and I understood. It reflects the momentum, we have to reverse the momentum. For so many good things you’ve been through, suddenly it brings a different situation. Let’s reverse this together with him“, continued.

Medallions will leave the team?

Another important point of Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s press conference was about the cast’s medallions. Part of the crowd wants changes in relation to athletes like Gil, Fagner, Cássio and Fábio Santos, who have been at the club for many years. The new Corinthians coach rejected this title for the players, but assured that he will make the necessary changes in favor of the team.


There is no medallion. The right of each athlete ends when the other begins. There’s no taking away because it’s a medallion, you take it out for what’s necessary for the team. I’ve always tried to make a versatile cast. Today, the need to change it doesn’t mean I’m going to change it for something else, like Maycon. They belong to the cast. I will be discussed for my attitudes, tactical formations, for what I do with the squad at hand. If I use it well, you will speak well“, he completed.

Luxembourg makes promise to Corinthians

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