Most things men/women do in relationship that get their partner turned off

Generally no man/woman likes to be cheated on, Someone wearing the same underwear for days, farting, unsizeable ego, lies, being taken for granted, being taken advantage of, nagging etc.

These are most of the things men/women find disgusting in relationships, but tends to compromise or be quiet about some, in other not to hurt their partners feelings. 

Morning bad breath

While some may find it romantic, especially to kiss him/her in the morning without brushing; many others fare not comfortable with it .

Wearing the same underwear for days

This is completely disgusting and I strongly believe no one likes this. It’s wrong! It’s gosh!, it disgusting! Please you should stop! There’s no justification at all to this in particular. It’s only right you change your underwear “EVERYDAY”. That way, you save your partner the stress of continually inhaling filth and treatment of infection.

Nothing is as sexy and attractive as a clean Man or woman.


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