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Vai na Fé: After winning the lawsuit, how should Theo get hurt?

Theo (Emilio Dantas) is the great villain of “Vai na Fé”, on TV Globo, being an example of an evil person: (TRIGGER) he is rapist, abusive, manipulative, corrupt and cynical, in addition to demonstrating obsessive behavior when he does not get what he wants. wants (if he accepts that it didn’t turn out the way he wanted).

However, at the end of the chapter on Wednesday, July 12, the judge responsible for the trial reached a decision: he will acquit Theo of the accusations on the grounds of lack of evidence: “The Public Ministry and the assistant prosecutor requested the conviction of the defendant. For its part, the defense seeks the acquittal of the accused. Here is the report, and I give reasons for my decision”.


“Taking into account the lack of material evidence and valuing the testimonial evidence with its due weight, the reasonable doubts raised by the defense were not clarified. Therefore, in relation to the merits, proof of the materiality of the crime of rape of a vulnerable person has not been established. I absolve Theo Camargo Bastos of the accusations presented in this proceeding. Let it be published. Register. Get in touch,” he will say.

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Theo will discover the truth of Jenifer’s paternity (Reproduction/TvGlobo)

Despite managing to deceive many around him and society, Theo is not the greatest example of not letting the masks fall, and he always demonstrates his abusive and villainous behavior to a greater or lesser extent, but they do not always pay due attention to the event. and the root of the problem.

Proof of this is that he always cheated on Clara (Regiane Alves) at their wedding and was already violent with her, Kate (Clara Moneke) and Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann) while he was with them, but besides all that, he never stopped (TRIGGER) abusing other women, especially at Orfeu’s bar (Jonatha Haagensen), when he got many visitors drunk.

It shows how serial the villain’s behavior is, and he has a pretty clear modus operandi, and in the excitement of getting away with the trial, and disgusting as it turns out, it’s believable that he would do what he’s always done to other women as a “celebration ”, and more trying, the good guys could expose him with more evidence this time, finally putting him behind bars.


Orfeu (Jonathan Haagensen) and Theo (Emilio Dantas) in Vai na Fé
Photo: Playback/TV Globo

By the way, if there was anyone who saved Theo from getting screwed before, that person was Orpheus, who was considered a partner of the scoundrel and was released from jail by him in the past, and who took advantage of the villain’s import company to smuggle weapons, and shared the proceeds. profits from it.

However, the Federal Police spotted stolen goods, and Theo blamed Orfeu and pretended to be deceived, leading the bar owner to be arrested and to receive all the blame for the crime alone, which left him with “blood in his eyes”. against the bastard.


From jail, he got a cell phone and sent the video in which Hugo (MC Cabelinho) threatens Grazi (Lorena Lima) so that she would not denounce Theo and Lumiar and Bem, making the lawyer note once and for all that the villain was in fact , as well as displaying Orpheus’ vengeful side.

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Would Orpheus kill Theo? Or would she just threaten him with something a mis? And would he succeed alone or would he fail and need to resort to something else with other people?


Carlão (Che Moais) and Theo (Emílio Dantas) in Vai Na Fé
Publicity/Vai Na Fé/Camilla Maia/João Miguel Junior/TV Globo

We know that the box left by Carlão (Che Moais) after the accident that killed him carried a painting of a bird stolen from Iceland, which later fell into the hands of Stuart (Antonio Calloni) and is now in the possession of the police.

However, the accident was caused by a smuggling truck belonging to Theo and Orfeu, and the investigations were paralyzed with interference from Lumiar under the influence of the businessman. What if they went after the box (which Dudley would have kept) to resume investigations?

If that happens, the police could link Theo to smuggling, and that would have unimaginable negative impacts on him, just as the public wants to see.



Hugo (MC Cabelinho) threatening Grazi (Lorena Lima) in Vai na Fé
Photo: Playback/TV Globo

So let’s go to the item that this writer believes to be possible! First of all, let’s name who should be frustrated with Theo’s acquittal? Sol, Bem, Janaína, Kate, Jenifer (Bella Campos) and even Hugo (MC Cabelinho), Clara (Regiane Alves) and Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann), as well as people around them.

Kate will say, “Where is that video? I want to see what will screw that demon.” Grazi will answer: “You can show it. I know that here I am not alone.” According to the newspaper O Globo, they will watch the video. Then, the group will welcome Grazi and accompany her to the exit.

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Ben, Sol, Jennifer
Ben, Sol, Jenifer at Theo’s trial (Reproduction/Globo)

With that, we should have, in addition to a vengeful Orpheus, the good guys preparing for a new attack against the villain, but this time, with all the weapons they have against him. Grazi would be the victim who denounced him, while Sol and Janaína return as witnesses, since, respectively, one the crime has already expired and the other lost the process, but it would then be a new reinforcement of how Theo does have a history, as it would not be the first complaint.

Still, Lumiar would no longer be on Theo’s side in the case, and as a brilliant lawyer who set up the businessman’s defense (Ricardo just followed what already existed when she dropped the case), she would use the same talent to detonate him in court, plus she and Ben would work together like they always had and said they were even better when they did.

Returning to the witnesses, Kate would be another victim of the villain who reinforces his modus operandi, and this time, Clara would be subpoenaed to testify against Theo, being able to witness evidence of his abuse, and not as a defense informant like rather, what prevented her from testifying. We are also going to point out that the socialite is willing to face her ex-husband this time, and not in doubt or blackmailed as before.

In this regard, we have already seen that more evidence against Theo would be in hand, more victims present and favorable points from outside, such as Lumiar’s defense and the absence of Clara’s sincere account of how she suffered at the hands of the scoundrel while she was married to him. In fact, what saved Theo in the past would now be essential points to defeat him.



Furthermore, Hugo could indeed testify, as his threat video would now be accepted as evidence since Grazi is the one prosecuting Theo, and who knows, Orfeu might not be convinced to testify as well (if that video of Grazi is not footage from the bar from him). Rafa would be a good witness, but exposing him that way doesn’t help his mental health, so it’s not concrete.

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However, now with virtually everyone affected by Theo in some way, they have reason to go against him and even want justice to be done, so even if Orpheus, Hugo and Rafa didn’t testify, they would be vibrating for condemnation, while the rest of the people mentioned would have enough evidence to beat Theo.


Theo in Vai na Fé
Theo in Vai na Fé – Publicity/TV Globo

These next items can take place in place of or after the previous items, and that’s why it came to the end. Theo has been showing more and more his uncontrolled and unhealthy behavior, and he even smells Lumiar and Sol’s clothes because he’s not wearing them.

With that, it would not be exaggerated to think of him freaking out for good and committing something very serious, like kidnapping one of the women mentioned or even their biological children, all to “show that he has power over what he wants”.
Theo would only need a serious trigger for it to happen, and that could be anything, but he would definitely be arrested for kidnapping. If he loses a second trial, freaks out about it, and kidnaps someone, that would be an even bigger prison sentence. Either way, he would get screwed like he deserves!

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Theo (Emilio Dantas) in critical condition in Vai na Fé
Photo: Pereira/AgNews

In the hands of Orpheus or someone else, Theo could die, after all, enmities and enemies he has in abundance, and with the immunity of the process, someone could do “justice with his own hands” and kill the scoundrel, taking him out of game definitely.

Incidentally, Theo could be convicted in the second trial, kidnap someone for “having nothing to lose” (trigger being triggered) and end up dead before being definitively arrested. If he wants to jump from judgment to death, that would be possible too. The main thing is: he would lose his life after doing so much evil in the world.


However, many people do not like this decision, as he would not pay for what he did. And do you believe it? And which option of how Theo should be defeated in “Vai na Fé” do you believe should happen?

Vai na Fé: After winning the lawsuit, how should Theo get hurt?

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