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With Z-4 in the Brasileirão and Luxembourg, Corinthians celebrates ‘month anniversary’ of defeats

In the Z-4 ​​of the Brasileirão and with Vanderlei Luxemburgo at the helm, Corinthians complete a month without victories in the season; see alvinegro’s ‘mesversary’

‘Monsversary’ is usually celebrated in dating, months of life of newborns and for many other reasons, but it can also be just an expression for a bad phase that lasts at least a month. This is the case of Corinthians in the 2023 season. As expected, May would be horrible for Timão, who at the beginning of this losing streak changed coaches, experienced many controversies and did not even win.

The ‘months anniversary’ of Corinthians defeats in the season is not to be celebrated, at least not by its fans, players and coaches. It’s something extremely negative, but that somehow ‘celebrates’ the bad planning done behind the scenes at Parque São Jorge. Even since April, alvinegro fans have seen the 26th as the last date to celebrate a good result.


This Friday, May 26th, Corinthians completes one month since its last victory, but do you know when it happened and who it was against? O sportbuzz answers you. Still without Vanderlei Luxemburgo and with Cuca in command, Timão faced Remo, for the second leg of the Copa do Brasil, and beat the opponents by the score of 2 to 0. After that, the former coach fell, Luxa arrived and the dark month May as well.

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During this period, Corinthians faced rivals such as Palmeiras, Independiente del Valle, Fortaleza, Botafogo, São Paulo, Atlético-MG, Flamengo and Argentinos Jrs. As expected, Timão did not manage to have a great performance, but it did not correspond to the expectation of winning at least one victory. Of these games, alvinegro came out with five defeats and three draws.

Vanderlei Luxemburgo did not avoid Corinthians’ bad phase in the 2023 season (Credit: GettyImages)

But beyond the results, the performances were also frightening. Still without a defined style of play and with no connection between attack and defense, Corinthians scored just four goals in this ‘month anniversary’ of defeats. While not rocking rival networks, the team conceded several goals. In all, Timão took 13 and didn’t concede goals in just one match, which was last Wednesday, the 24th, when it was 0-0 against Argentinos Jrs, for Libertadores.

That is, Corinthians has shown its supporters, no matter how much dedication there is on the field, that the effort is to achieve a draw, or rather not lose. This speech, even if there was a party to ‘celebrate’ the ‘mesversario’ of black and white defeats, would be the theme of the celebrations. The thought of closing in on the attack and kicking the ball away from the area took hold of a team that seems to have lost its way along the way.

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The month of June is coming, but before that, to complete May, Corinthians will face Fluminense, at the Neo Química Arena, for the Brasileirão. To leave the relegation zone and win the first one under the command of Luxemburgo, the match could be the ‘water in the beer’ of this ‘monthly’ of defeats. However, for that to happen, many things will need to change, evolve and strengthen a team that has become accustomed to celebrating ‘not losing’.


With Z-4 in the Brasileirão and Luxembourg, Corinthians celebrates ‘month anniversary’ of defeats

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