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Prince William very tactile with a pretty redhead bride, well known for breaking the rules…

By Ari Guardiola



If she made her (obvious) choice between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, there is no question of deciding who she prefers between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Pisces ascendant Aquarius, she is endowed with a sixth sense which helps her unearth the most hidden information about your favorite stars.

While Kate Middleton plays tennis with Roger Federrer, Prince William spends time with a pretty redhead. Whose reputation with the royal family precedes her…

Prince William very tactile with a pretty redhead bride, well known for breaking the rules… Dailymotion

The sequel after the ad


This Sunday, June 25, Kate Middleton again caused a sensation, impressing fans of the British Crown again and again. It must be said that the Princess of Wales has set the bar high by facing Roger Federer in tennis. One shot in particular which, before the next edition of Wimbledon kicked off, caught the eye. But in terms of encounters, Prince William is not left out. Indeed, the eldest son of Charles III and Diana was also in charming company, this Monday, June 26, since a pretty redhead named Geri Halliwell, now Geri Horner, was with him. And the brother of prince Harry did not hesitate to mount touch with the ex-member of the mythical group of Spice Girls.

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It is naturally for the good cause that the Prince of Wales has found the one who has always been on very good terms with the royal family. Prince William received support from a familiar face as he toured the UK to promote his new project to end homelessness, in the person of Geri Halliwell-Horner. The 41-year-old prince, stopped at Lambeth and Bournemouth, traveled to Newport, Wales. And in the company of the tangy singer, he visited Maindee Primary School, where they were shown the role local schools can play in supporting children and families by intervening as early as possible to prevent homelessness.

The Spice Girl Who Breaks the Rules

Does Geri Halliwell remember Prince William coming to attend the premiere of Spiceworld: The Movie, in 1997 ? Little chance that she forgets the presence of Charles III on the other hand since at the time, Ginger Spice had broken the protocol by tapping the buttocks of the one who was then only Prince of Wales. “we are all human“, she had confided to the Times years later. This time no hands on the buttocks but nevertheless a very tactile duo, so Prince William did not hesitate to offer his host a warm hug, to the delight of the photographers present.


Remember that if Prince William is happy in the household with his fabulous Kate Middleton, Geri Halliwell-Horner is not to be pitied either since she shares her life with the powerful Christian Horner, director of the Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing since 2005.

The sequel after the ad

The sequel after the ad


Prince William very tactile with a pretty redhead bride, well known for breaking the rules...

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