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Sadio Mane Heroic Action Bring Liverpool to the Champions League



Sadio Mane, Liverpool to the Champions League

Sadio Mane Heroic Action, Leicester City is unlucky, Chelsea are caught out of luck

Liverpool finally entered the Champions League. This assurance was obtained after Liverpool beat Crystal Palace at Anfield in the final week of the Premier League, Sunday (23/5/2021), with a score of 2-0.

Sadio Mane is Liverpool’s hero in this match. Mane bought two of the Reds’ winning goals.

Indeed, Liverpool appeared so dominant in this match. They have been mercilessly pressing Palace since the whistle sounded referee Craig Pawson.


However, Liverpool could only score a goal in the 36th minute. Starting from the chaos in front of goal, Mane was able to score a goal after using Roberto Firmino’s pass through his measured shot. Score 1-0 for Liverpool’s advantage lasted until the break.

Liverpool increased the intensity of the attacks in the second half. They looked like they wanted to secure their position by scoring the second goal.

Until finally in the 74th minute, Mane scored Liverpool’s second goal due to his shot changing direction after hitting a Palace defender.

This goal practically made Palace dazed. On the other hand, Liverpool players are increasingly eager to score the third goal. It’s just that, there are no additional goals created.


Liverpool won and qualified for the Champions League because they were ranked third in the Premier League final standings with a collection of 69 points.

Chelsea also qualified for the Champions League, despite losing to Aston Villa, 1-2. Chelsea’s breakout was inseparable from Leicester City’s defeat of Tottenham Hotspur, 2-4.

For this result, Chelsea finished in fourth place with a collection of 67 points, or one point ahead of Leicester.




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