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Effective Ways to Enlarge Breasts

Large breasts are generally a dream for most women. Having large breasts allows a woman to appear with more confidence.

Unfortunately some women may have breasts with a size that is not much so try to raise them. For those of you who want to raise breasts can follow some of the following ways.

1. Consumption of Foods That Encourage Estrogen Production

estrogen food

Estrogen is a type of hormone that affects the process of breast formation. The more estrogen in a woman, the faster the growth of her breasts.

For those of you who want to enlarge the breast can eat some foods that tend to trigger the hormone estrogen. Foods that can increase the production of estrogen only such as chickpeas and long beans and sesame seeds or apricot fruit.


2. Do a Massage on the Breasts (Effective Ways to Enlarge Breasts)

breast massage

Giving a gentle massage around the breast if done regularly can also increase the volume of the breast. Proper massage will help facilitate circulatory circulation, especially in the area around the breast.

But keep in mind that massage should not be done carelessly and should not be too rough. Because massage that is not right and seems rough can actually hurt and cause pain in your breast area.

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3. Take Advantage of Aloe Vera

aloe vera mixture

Aloe vera plant is known to have vitamin E content that is very good for skin health. For that using aloe vera regularly can also help the breasts to experience growth naturally.

To use it then first you can wash aloe vera then peel part of the skin. Next apply aloe vera gel around the breast and let stand for approximately 30 minutes and then rinse cleanly afterwards.

4. Apply Essential Oils on the Breasts

essential oil

Another ingredient that can also be used to be applied to the breast is essential oil. After applying it on the breast then do not forget to massage it slowly. (Effective Ways to Enlarge Breasts)

Essential oils are increasingly familiar today because they are known to help facilitate blood flow. So breasts can be healthier and firmer when treated using essential oils regularly.

5. Apply Cucumber and Egg Yolk

cucumber and egg York mixture

Some people may feel confused how to properly use cucumber and egg yolk ingredients in order to enlarge the breast. The trick is actually very easy because you just have to blend it and then apply it on the breast area and do a little gentle massage.

Cucumbers and egg yolks are apparently known to have a fairly high mineral content. The mineral content can help tighten the skin around the breast so that muscle tissue under the skin will grow faster.


6. Consumption of Nutritious Food (Effective Ways to Enlarge Breasts)

vitamin foods

Breast care in order to be ideal sized and large is not only done from the outside. But treatment also needs to be done from the body for example through the consumption of food or drinks that can help maintain breast health.

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One way that can be done to take care of the breasts from the inside is to eat nutritious foods. Nutrients in food will maintain the growth of tissues in the breast.

7. Supplement Consumption As Necessary


Food that enters the body may not meet nutritional standards for a person. For that it takes some supplements so that our nutritional needs can be met.

Similarly, breast care measures that also require certain supplements that are certainly high in nutrition. You should use supplements that have been tested for efficacy to maintain breast health.

8. Drink Plenty of Water (Effective Ways to Enlarge Breasts)

clean water

Drinking water is also the right way to do breast health care from the inside. For that, consume a lot of water so that the breasts and body are always healthy.

Water is indeed a type of healthy drink that can meet the needs of fluids in our body. Therefore, the consumption of water should be done according to the appropriate dose so that the fluid needs in the breast are always fulfilled.

9. Drinking Natural Health Drinks

Effective Ways to Enlarge Breasts with natural drinks

A healthy drink for the body is not just water. But a variety of health drinks made from herbal plants also nourish the breasts.

Some health drinks that can be consumed include ginger wedang and turmeric acid and rice kencur. This healthy drink not only has a good taste and fresh but also useful for breast health.


A series of ways to enlarge the breasts described above will help women who want their breasts to get bigger. This method is certainly very powerful so that it can give the maximum results.

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Now the ideal breast can be owned by any woman without undergoing medical treatment. Because enlarging the breast can now be done just by doing some efforts right naturally.




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