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“Complete black”: Implosion of the submarine near the Titanic, the final moments of the passengers revealed

“Complete black”: Implosion of the submarine near the Titanic, the final moments of the passengers revealed Dailymotion

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The final images of two of the passengers of the Titan, a submarine that left to explore the wreck of the Titanic and which imploded on June 18, 2023, have been revealed by the media. We can see a father and his son, the British-Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood, 58, and his 19-year-old son, Suleman, very accomplices. Images that coincide with the last words of the five passengers during their descent under the seas which turned into hell.


As the submersible plunged into the depths, the passengers were in complete darkness. Shahzada Dawood’s wife, Christine, revealed to the New York Times as she had lived these last moments with her husband and her son. Accompanied by their daughter Alina, 17, she was on the mission’s boat, the Polar Prince, and waved to her husband as the craft entered the water. Three months earlier, OceanGate boss Stockton Rush and his wife had met the Dawood family in London to explain how safe the trip by submarine was. “We had no idea of ​​the security concerns. It’s like flying without knowing exactly how the machine works“, she entrusted to the american magazine.

The Titan began its dive at 8am on Sunday June 18. An hour and forty-five minutes later, contact was lost. The US Navy recorded a noise consistent with an implosion. Five days later, debris was found 500 meters from the Titanic. On board the submarine, in addition to the entrepreneur and his son, was the Frenchman Paul-Henri Nargeolet, oceanographer, the billionaire adventurer Hamish Harding and the boss of the company mentioned above, Stockton Rush.

During his interview at New York Times reported by the DailyMail, the widow of Shahzada Dawood gave details of the preparation of the passengers. They wore thick socks and a beanie as it is very cold at the bottom of the ocean, a low residue food bar, travelers not drinking or eating before departure. There was no toilet on board, just a container behind a curtain. They could nevertheless listen to their favorite music on their telephone, but not country music, which the owner of the submersible prohibited. The lights were planned to cut off during the descent to save energy, it also allowed to better see the bioluminescent creatures of the seabed.

I look fat and I’m already sweating

Christine Dawood said her husband was very excited about the idea of ​​traveling as a child, he who was passionate about the Titanic since he visited the exhibition dedicated to the ship in 2012 in Singapore. She had spotted an advertisement for OceanGate and its submarine and had planned to do this adventure with her husband, a project delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was their son who decided to accompany his father, hoping to break the Rubik’s cube record underwater. The boy’s aunt had said that he had made the trip to please his father but was terrified to leave. Equipped with waterproof jackets and steel-toed boots, life jackets and helmets, the passengers could not move easily. “I look fat and I’m already sweating“, had then said Shahzada Dawood, who needed help to get down in the submarine.


Shortly after the descent, Christine Dawood was informed that there was a problem and that the mission was going to be canceled, that the submarine was going to drop ballast to come back to the surface. Then we told him we didn’t know where the Titan was. “I was looking at the surface of the ocean, in case I saw them coming up“, she confides. She was at that time on the mothership and will be again when she learns the terrible news of the implosion. The craft would have been pushed beyond its rate of depth and would therefore have cracked under pressure, according to the analyzes of Ed Cassano, the general manager of Pelagic Research Services who participated in the research.

The sequel after the ad

The sequel after the ad


“Complete black”: Implosion of the submarine near the Titanic, the final moments of the passengers revealed

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