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Coronavirus and couple

Together or separately, how to manage your relationship on a daily basis with the Coronavirus and the lockdown? We can live with someone, share everyday life, love ourselves, we are not made to stay locked H24 and 7 days a week with his life partner, without leaving home or without any other social interaction.

Conversely, remote couples, on the other hand, suffer from lack, and forced removal. And so the anguish of not knowing when they will be able to see each other again. Should we also limit physical contact with the person we love? Coronavirus and couple: how to survive?

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Coronavirus and couple: how to survive?

I read that in China, at the end of the confinement due to the Coronavirus epidemic, many couples forced to live together H24 for more than two months, separate. Divorce applications are exploding. It seems strange, even extreme. Fake news? Not according to the Chinese daily Global Times, which confirms this in its pages. Once the covid-19 quarantine phase was lifted, many couples rushed to the divorce registration offices. Can we fear the same thing in France at the end of the lockdown in a few weeks or months?

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Coronavirus and couple: how to survive when we live together?

Being confined with the person you love is rather an opportunity. This makes it possible not to be alone at home, isolated and not to worry about her. But we’re not going to lie, being H24 between four walls one-on-one with the same person, it can become cumbersome. In teleworking, you still have your mind busy elsewhere, in short-time working, it becomes more complicated. You have to figure out how to occupy your days at home alone and in pairs.

It is no longer a question of crossing each other in the morning and meeting for the evening. There you are together from waking up to bedtime. And it’s impossible to say, “Are we making a movie theater or a restaurant tonight?” or “I spend the afternoon with the girlfriends for a shopping session”.

In fact, there is nothing insurmountable aboutit, on the contrary, and many singles would be delighted to be in your place!


During this mandatory confinement, instead enjoy the time you finally have for your couple, without the stress and fatigue of the metro-work-sleep that usually punctuate your weeks.

Take advantage of this time for two to share activities (Coronavirus and couple)

Just take the time to be together. The time to meet together, to really talk about yourself, your couple, your projects. Having time for yourself is not synonymous with boredom at all costs, so put it to good use together. For example to make your list of couple projects. Think about all the things you want to do together, without limits or restrictions. Do not curb your desires, your dreams or your imagination.

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It’s a great way to project yourself together, to talk about the future, to visualize it. This is a good exercise, especially in this unprecedented period of confinement. This makes it possible to project oneself beyond this moment so special that one lives, where everything or almost everything is paused, waiting, in slow motion.

Without necessarily planning activities like for children during the lockdown, structure your days. Alternate personal activities and others in duet. For example, you can do a sports session together in the morning before going about your business.


Feeling good at home

It is important to keep your “living” space for yourself. To read, meditate, do your yoga session, play music or listen to it for example. Arrange your living space to make it as pleasant and as well arranged as possible to meet your current needs.

Meet in the kitchen to prepare the meal together. Watch a movie, do yourself a marathon of series on Netflix or play video games. Spice up your evenings with board games or couple games. Punctuate them with pledges of all kinds: massage, meals to prepare, draw lots for the one who will have the right to go out shopping food, etc.!

Coronavirus and couple: an unprecedented parenthesis to rediscover your partner

Living as a couple without any interruption for several weeks is a way to rediscover the other. It is quite possible to find his faults exacerbated, not to bear his little manias, to argue, so to have one day to no longer be able to bear. In this case, distance yourself from the situation, put things into perspective and stay each in a room for a few hours. History to de-dramatize, to find calm and not to forget that arguments are normal and even healthy in a couple. Being together all the time, it makes more than sense that this happens more often.

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This new and imposed way of living your life as a couple, as in a bubble, isolated, autarky in a certain way, is a good way to test for solidity. To rediscover yourself, to renew your complicity, your intimacy even, by taking the time to be together without time constraint.


Coronavirus and couple: and intimacy in all this?

If you live together and you suffer the Coronavirus epidemic and therefore the confinement of two from the beginning, it is not necessary to take physical distance. You live together, touch the same objects, sleep in the same bed, have physical contact. Kissing, holding hands, stroking each other, all this is part of your daily life as a couple and it’s normal. Also, if neither of you has symptoms, there is no reason to stop your physical and intimate contact. All the more so with the confinement that allows to isolate one from the risks of contamination.

Remote couples therefore do not know when they will be able to see each other again. They had to cancel their evenings together, one weekend, maybe even a vacation. At a distance because not yet living together, or because one of the two lives far away. They are used to not seeing each other every day, sometimes not even for one or more weeks. Sending messages, calling each other in visio, writing, so many ways to keep in touch all the same.

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Not knowing when it will be possible to see each other again

However, this must not become time-consuming. There’s no point in drowning your partner in dozens of messages and talking about… nothing all day! It is normal to be frustrated, worried,even anxious. To find the long time and feel the lack of the person you love. But without freezing things, it can be healthy to create small rituals to give you news and vary the way you communicate.

For example, in addition to the classic calls and SMS, you can share your solo moments that you would have liked to live together: your dinner, a movie, and of course the virtual hugs. And enhance your monotonous daily life with remote couple games as questions to ask yourself to know more, etc.


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