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I am hopelessly in love with my ex but he or she has ended the idyll.



hopelessly in love

hopelessly in love

You may also wonder whether it is normal that you are still in love with your ex and whether you should not let go of your ex sooner. Dealing with your feelings of love is not easy and that makes it difficult to approach your ex in the right way. But rest assured, I will do everything I can to get you started!

Being hopelessly in love with your ex is very normal

You are a person with feelings and you have had fantastic experiences with your ex. Even if you have been dumped by your ex, you can still be hopelessly in love after weeks, even months. Memories of your old relationship don’t just go away. There is no button to turn off your feelings. The only question is: how do you deal with it correctly?

Dealing with hopelessly loving feelings for your ex

First you have to consider that the reason for your crush can undoubtedly have to do with the fact that your ex is now suddenly unreachable. You now have plenty of room to idealize your ex, to present your ex more beautiful than he or she really is.


This is very human, because we just love to let our fantasies run wild. It is a wonderful feeling to conjure up romantic images and to dream about your ex. Having those feelings can be annoying because they are not being reciprocated at the moment and you risk getting stuck in heartbreak.

It is therefore important that you learn to deal with your hopeless crush by first learning to accept them, but at the same time also accept that there is no point in constantly hurting yourself by thinking about your ex. Moreover, you do not become attractive to your ex if you surrender to your grief and keep thinking that you will break it.

Of course you are still in love with your ex, but that doesn’t mean your life is ending. There are still many things you can do to stop thinking about your ex. You can find distraction in the form of going out with friends, going to a cinema or visiting a museum, but also by asking yourself a very important question “how does it help me to remain hopelessly in love with my ex. It only makes me unhappy ”.

Love is a feeling that you share with another (hopelessly in love)

Platonic love is beautiful, but it only has a function in movies. Love is a feeling that you have to maintain otherwise it will eventually die out. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”. Don’t think that your ex’s feelings for you have completely disappeared just because you may not have seen each other for a long time. It is quite possible that if you went to see your ex, the flame of love would awaken again, but you need to know how to proceed. Therefore, follow our tips carefully if you want to win your ex back so that you can prevent mistakes.


You are hopelessly in love with your ex, but is it real love or the desire to own your ex

It is not always easy to make a correct distinction between true love or the desire to own someone. The fact that you are hopelessly in love with your ex can also stem from emotional dependence or a lack of self-confidence. So check with yourself why you are so in love with your ex. It may also be that if you read the book “Heal Your Broken Heart in 15 steps” you already feel a lot better because you can give your love feelings for your ex a place while reading the book.

You should actually give your ex the very best and that actually includes accepting that your ex is now with someone else, because if you still can’t get rid of that after some time book heal your broken heartIn love with your ex it could be that those feelings are based on a desire to own your ex and that has nothing to do with real love. True love is selfless and selfless. With real love you don’t expect anything in return.

Win back your ex if you are hopelessly in love with him or her

You wonder if you can still win your ex back? Here is the answer to your question: couples get back together every day so it is entirely possible that the same is true for you, but hopefully you have read this article carefully and now you have the answer to where those feelings come from and how you can give them a place. If you want to win back your ex, it is really important that you first learn to master your feelings and that you learn to follow precise steps to avoid making mistakes.

In any case, there is no point in begging your ex or telling your ex that you are still hopelessly in love with him or her. First, take some distance and analyze where your desires come from first. Only then go back to your ex when you can control your emotions and make sure you follow my training!




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