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See tricks to get the perfect eyebrow

It’s no secret that eyebrows can make a lot of difference to your face, whether they’re thin, thick or with a few flaws. They have the power to completely change the face, and deserve special attention when wearing makeup or just with a sunscreen on your face. Many women have chosen to invest only in eyebrows instead of a lot of makeup, leaving the canvas as attractive and natural as possible.

To ensure good results, whether correcting the format or just filling in the flaws, it is inevitable to invest in specific care and products such as eyeshadows, gels, pencils (which is the most common) or even mascaras. Below are some steps that might help, but remember that professional help is always the best option.


1. Start with your eyebrow arch, as this is the part that defines symmetry on both sides. Take measurements first of all, being able to use a white pencil if you want to do tests beforehand, as these steps are to fix it, fill it in and clean it when it is finished.

2. Prefer to use a pencil with a darker tone on the arch that goes towards the tip and another pencil that has a lighter tone from the beginning to the arch, allowing the creation of a more natural eyebrow as possible, to be balanced with the beginning , which often has more hair;

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3. With a brush, it can be a toothbrush, if you have an extra one just for that, comb the hairs backwards using an eyebrow pomade or setting product to lift the roots, if you want you don’t need to use anything. As this is to add volume, which can help create a more natural look in some cases, but if the goal is to clean it first, this can be left for the end, after cleaning;

After cleaning, just apply a colorless mascara (Photo: Reproduction/ Ron lach/ Pexels)


4. You can use many different textures and products to create a pigmented look in an attempt to make it more natural. Start with a filling pencil, which has wax, and a powder product, thus defining the flaws with an eyeliner pencil, and the end is the use of a finishing gel, which will bring the result like a gloss, giving a soft shine that makes the color more vibrant naturally;

5. Make a drawing by mapping the eyebrow with a pencil to define where it starts, where the arch is and where it ends. Hold the pencil vertically from the middle of the nose to the inner part of the eyes, which is where the design should start, follow from the middle of the nose to the iris and apex of the arch, and along the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, which is where he must end;

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6. Pull the hairs out slowly at the base in the direction it grows to fully extract the hair, pulling the root together. If it’s fast and in the opposite direction of growth it can break the hair at skin level, and it will grow back faster, so try in the direction that it grows;

7. Avoid waxing your eyebrows, especially if you are undergoing treatment with antibiotics and retinol or undergoing chemical peelings, as this can lead to swelling and flaking, leaving the skin extremely sensitive and possibly having sequelae. Opt for tweezers and thread;


8. To clean the hair, apply the fixer from the bottom to the top to lift all the hairs before cutting, or choose to use a brush as written in the first tip. The gel can be easier, because as soon as it dries and the strands are on top, you can cut the strands with a pair of scissors more easily and adjust the contour.

The best way is to do the cleaning beforehand, but according to some experts this way is easier and faster. Another more efficient way is going to an eyebrow designer who will do the removal in the best way and if you like it, you can return or just clean it at home, so as not to leave visible flaws.

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Featured photo: Raising the eyebrow in a natural way. Playback/ Alena Darmel/ Pexels


See tricks to get the perfect eyebrow

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