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Tests begin for the remake of the telenovela ‘Elas Por Elas’. Know everything!

Another remake on the way! the artistic director Blackberry Mautner has already kicked off and casting tests have begun for the remake of “Elas por Elas”, by Cassiano Gabus Mendes.

The telenovela, originally aired on Globo in 1982, will reach the 6 pm slot with changes in relation to the original version, which aired at 7 pm.


Due to the schedule, the authors, Thereza Falcão It is alessandro marson, will invest more in novels. According to columnist Patrícia Kogut, in addition, the duo made a point of diversifying the profiles of the seven protagonists, friends who meet again after a long time.

Just like in the original story, they should be between 40 and 50 years old. The difference is that, this time, the plot will be set in Rio de Janeiro, no longer in São Paulo. The soap opera is scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year.


The plot shown in 1982 was centered on the story of seven women: Márcia (Eva Wilma), Helen (Aracy Balabanian), Adriana (Esther Goes), Wanda (sandra brea), Carmen (Maria Helena Dias), Marlene (Mila Moreira) and Natalia (Joan Fomm), schoolmates who had not seen each other for 20 years.

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Márcia, the oldest of the group, found a photo of her friends, and a wave of memories and nostalgia invaded her head, until she decided to locate them, setting up a meeting at her house.

All attend the event, happy with the reunion. However, memories of the past and coincidences of the present affected the lives of everyone in the group.

The first revelation involves Márcia and Wanda. A secretary from a humble background, hardworking and very romantic, Wanda is in for a big surprise when she finds out that her boyfriend, Attila (Mauro Mendonça), a married man, is the husband of his friend Márcia.

Still in the opening chapters of the novel, Átila dies in a motel room, and Márcia learns that her husband was with another woman. The widow then decides to hire the clumsy detective Mário Gofoca (Luis Gustavo), Wanda’s brother, to discover the identity of her husband’s mistress.


Mário has the help of René (Reginaldo Faria), a seductive lawyer without projection who gets involved with his clients, with the intention of robbing them. That is until the moment he meets Yeda (Cristina Pereira), daughter of Márcia, considered the ugly duckling of the family.

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René tricks Claudia, but she, in love, thinks that one day he will marry her. To everyone’s surprise, in the final chapters of the telenovela, René reveals that he is only interested in Yeda’s money. He breaks off his engagement to Márcia’s ugly daughter, confessing that he is in love with Carmem, his ex-sister-in-law.

Yeda accepts the decision calmly, saying that she is grateful to him for making her happy, even for a short time.

Mila Moreira and Sandra Bréa - telenovela 'Elas por Elas'
Marlene (Mila Moreira) and Wanda (Sandra Bréa) were two of the seven friends in the plot – Photo: TV Globo

Another member of the group of friends is Marlene, an apathetic woman in the face of life, who is unable to have a lasting affective relationship. She lives with her parents and, despite flirting, suffers from loneliness.

Carmem, on the other hand, is dedicated solely to her husband, Rubão, and their children, Elton and Vic. The last of the seven friends, Natália, became a rich and psychotic woman. Obsessed with the idea that one of her friends is responsible for the death of her younger brother, who was pushed from the top of a rock, she induces her other brother, Carlos (Herson Capri), to engage with them to unravel the mystery. Carlos gets closer to his friends, but ends up falling in love with Wanda.


It is Carlos who discovers the identity of “Patinha”, a nickname that Átila had given to his lover. During a business lunch with two of Átila’s friends, Carlos learns that Wanda Cury was the girl who was with Márcia’s husband at the motel when he died. Carlos reveals to Wanda that he knows the whole truth about her romance with Attila and says he wants to help her. At the same time, Vanessa, Átila’s former secretary, after trying in vain to take advantage of the story, reveals to Mário Gossip that “Patinha” is Wanda. Mário is devastated for not having realized that Marcia’s husband’s lover had always been by his side.

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Tests begin for the remake of the telenovela ‘Elas Por Elas’. Know everything!

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