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Vasco da Gama is punished after confusion in the game and fans celebrate

This Thursday (22nd) at 8pm (Brasília time) in São Januário we had a confrontation between Vasco da Gama and Goiás for the series A of the Brazilian Championship.

Match summary:


It was a game where Basque who has been pressured by the fans due to the negative results, he attacked looking for the opponent’s goal, but the ball did not enter in any way. Then Goiás managed to balance the game, both teams had goals annulled in the first stage.

The beginning of a total disaster. “Light the fuse”:
An unusual fact was when Mauricio Barbieri decided to make a change. The Vasco fans present booed in the substitution where Pedro Raul entered and the departure of the best player on the field of play Marlon Gomes . the coach of Basque has been heavily criticized since when it started to get bad results and it got even worse in the rout suffered by its rival. Afterwards, Goiás, which has nothing to do with other people’s problems, went there and scored for the emerald who won and still had screams of ‘Hello’ coming from the crowd Cruz-Maltina in the form of protest still with the ball rolling.

What’s happening inside Vasco da Gama:

The crowd of Vasco da Gama is going through a bad phase due to the results. With the arrival of 777 Partners, the SAF (Sociedade Anônima de Futebol), great expectations were created for the supporters who never abandoned the team, selling out practically all home games and attending away people who were passionate about the football club. ‘north to south’ of that country.


The fans, who are the club’s greatest asset, have been asking football managers for practically 3 months to replace the coach who has not been presenting a job that matches the size of the team. Vasco da Gama Regatta Club and the directors wanted to keep Mauricio Barbieri ignoring the mass request. Only after another disaster at the head of the team and the chaos installed did they take action and dismiss him.

Declared war and confusion in the stands:
After conceding the goal, the crowd still tried to support, but the team commanded by Barbieri was not there and Goiás dominated, feeling at ease playing in São Januário.

Football has to be played on the field and no violence can be justified. With that, I come to inform you that during the confusion ‘the minority’ of vandals, throwing glasses into the field, bombs, flares. But the parents of families were present at the place, accompanied by their children, wives and there were also older people following the show.

With rubber shots and tear gas, the police managed to control the situation in the internal area, knowing that these shots were random and not just in the minority of those who committed these acts.


Post game between Vasco and Goiás with a lot of confusion. (Video: Reproduction/Youtube/Antennas in the Play)

STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) punishes Vasco:
This Friday (23) the STJD determined that Vasco da Gama a 30-day punishment playing behind closed doors at home, since as a visitor he will not be entitled to loads of tickets, the punishment is already valid for the game against Cuiabá in next Monday (26).

Attitude of the fans in face of the punishment to the club:


For the fans, a sense of relief reported in some memes on social networks due to the spending of money for a long time both with tickets and club programs, such as the supporter member. Remembering that the crowd of Cruz-Maltino it is a historical heritage. It is worth mentioning that during the game between Vasco and Goiás that had the whole episode, most of them were good people who were there to support their favorite club.

Featured photo: Bombs thrown in the direction of the crowd during the confusion — Reproduction/André Durão

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Vasco da Gama is punished after confusion in the game and fans celebrate

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