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Yaya’s triumph a victory for trans community



Yaya's triumph

Yaya’s triumph

Trans activist and reality TV star Yaya Mavundla was last week triumphant when she received her updated ID number that recognised her as female after an arduous process with home affairs.

But what does her victory mean for the trans community at large?

Mavundla, who appears in Mzansi Magic show Becoming, told Sowetan that the above question has been running on her mind a lot in the last few days.


“After I posted on social media [that I got my new ID number], I was flooded with requests from trans people asking me of the process and some telling me how long they have been waiting,” Mavundla said.

“Imagine me having complications getting this done, then what about an unknown person that doesn’t have a voice? If they are able to assist me, then let them assist other trans people. I have suggested a press conference in which they thoroughly explain to everyone all the requirements and alternatives for those that don’t meet those requirements.”

Mavundla submitted a medical report from her doctor and a supporting letter from a psychologist to get the process started at home affairs in November. A fee of approximately R200 was required.

Yaya’s triumph

According to Mavundla, public hospitals have a long waiting list, so it’s close to impossible to get such a report.


Consultation at her private doctor cost her R850. 

Mavundla was told that it will take three months for home affairs to process her updated ID number, but she waited over six months.

“The first challenge was that I needed both my parents’ ID numbers, but I didn’t have my mother’s ID number,” Mavundla said.

“In March, I reached out to them and then a conversation about missing documents started – that my mother’s ID number was still required. I put a scenario of what if the trans person had transphobic parents and they chased them away from home.


“Then it was suggested that I must obtain an affidavit and they will then process my application. At some point the woman that was supposed to process everything was on leave.”


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