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Amazing way to earn: Sell PayPal dollars and Earn 1$ | Earn with Our reward System

 Sell PayPal dollars and Earn, the best way to earn while selling your PayPal funds at the best rate only in

Afrilatest is a reputable website that let you make money online, we reward all your activities in our site since your committed to our affiliate marketing. Apart from making earning money when you sell your PayPal dollars with us, you can enjoy afrilatest earning program for free.

Sell PayPal dollars and Earn is one of the gateways to join our reward system for free. best reward for hard work.

Sell PayPal & CashApp Funds and earn from your transactions activities

1$ Gift for Your First Transaction

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How to withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria bank account

Receive money directly into Nigeria bank account or sell your funds using our PayPal / CashApp service. As you already know it is very difficult to receive money via PayPal / CashApp to Nigeria from international countries, but with AFRILATEST its very much simple and easy. find out!!

How can I receive my PayPal / CashApp payment successfully right here in Nigeria? OR How do i get to sell my already accumulated PayPal / CashApp Funds?

With Afrilatest Exchange PayPal / CashApp service you can receive any amount of money into Nigeria from international countries or sell your already received funds with few clicks in a short period of time:

Sell PayPal dollars and Earn

Got Some Digital funds You’d Like To Sell? Click the Whatsap Icon To Sell Your PayPal FUNDS at a very good rate (Afrilatest Exchange Manager)

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N.B: We do not support third party transaction for the options of FAMILY & FRIEND and GOODS & SERVICES. It must be sent directly from your PayPal account that is bearing/having the names on your Nigerian bank account supplied for payout.

Sell PayPal dollars and Earn

Note: All those that have Sold their PayPal Funds with us, are Automatically Qualified for AFRILATEST AFFILIATE Earnings, So do well and sign up and your account will be approve asap.

For all those registering for AFRILATEST DCP Affiliate CASH for the first time, Follow these procedures:

How to get more DCP {dollar converted points} and withdraw your earnings.

Just with a One time registration FEE of 5.45 dollars and your all setup.

(How to earn) Please For dollar account make your payment

  • 5.45$ is equal to 2,050 Naira only for Nigeria’s
  • 5.45$ is equal to 46.97 Ghanaian Cedi
  • The same converting rate for all country.

Payment merchants (Sell PayPal dollars and Earn)

Warnings: Do not pay to anyone who is not among the listed merchants, be guided.


(1) Account Officer: GT-BANK, (ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0148824482, PAUL NWOGO)

Officer in charge of the below payment : Martins Xavier

(2) BITCOIN PAYMENT: 3AKD4Jw6A9q1zx8DmaTXnJ5nuWicUesErT

(3) ETHERUM PAYMENT : 0xdf602d4830C7ca8ED761e0F8349337584EA99Dc5

How to earn

How does it work {DCP means Dollar Converted Points}

Note: We pay 100% without referral. pays her members 2.50 dollars for all affiliate commission which you can withdraw weekly.

Points earnings values : 700 DCPS is equivalent to one dollars prior to placing a withdrawal.

MORE@AFRILATEST for more on How to earn passive income online (Sell PayPal dollars and Earn)

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