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How did I rekindle the flame in my relationship in 30 days?



rekindle the flame in my relationship

rekindle the flame in my relationship

Your romantic relationship got off to a flying start.

At first, you were bursting with energy. Your daily life was punctuated by romantic escapades and your feelings for one another filled you with happiness. Your intimate relationships were satisfying and there were few conflicts on the horizon. A bright future was opening up before you.

Since then, water has flowed under the bridges.



The passion of your beginnings gradually subsided until it disappeared completely, replaced by the striking reality of a life for two.

Between the education of children, professional obligations, the maintenance of the home or relations with the in-laws, you are now overwhelmed by constraints.

Your batteries have emptied at high speed. (rekindle the flame in my relationship)

You feel like you’ve finished a 100m sprint when you’re now being asked to run a marathon. You are out of breath and exhausted at the idea of finishing this race with your partner.


That is understandable.

Your couple now symbolizes boredom and loneliness. Away from the palpitations of the beginning.

Finally, you suffer terribly and look for simple ideas to regain your complicity of before. This desire to feel your heart racing and your stomach tightening still animates you. Just the idea of ending your days without reliving these sensations terrorizes you.

Yet your love is still present, there somewhere. You still feel this flame between you, even if you still don’t know how to revive it.


Your discussions on the subject reassure you, but the situation is not progressing. You don’t know what to do and the quality of your union is slowly deteriorating.

You are afraid. This situation may sound the end of your relationship and it scares you terribly.

You want to avoid that at all costs. (rekindle the flame in my relationship)

You are looking for a way to restart the engine and create a new momentum in your torque.


Good news. You will find out how in the rest of the article.

But first, let me tell you my story.

How do I know? (rekindle the flame in my relationship)
I’ve been there

As a couple since 2008, I have experienced the emotional roller coaster in my relationship.

Our beginnings were promising. We both spent a lot of time. We regularly discussed our common future and our passions in life.


We were in love, on our little cloud.

Unfortunately, our couple slowly deteriorated. Romantic outings ended up becoming rare and the time we spent together usually ended in arguments.

We quickly set foot on earth.

Our relationship climbed into the towers over the years until it went through violent crises. My darling asked for more proximity and me more distance. I felt suffocated and she completely alone. Consumed by loneliness and disagreements, we found ourselves helpless in the face of our grief.


The fall was painful.

Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope continued to shine. (rekindle the flame in my relationship)

Our hearts were always beating behind all this din. We were in love with each other, but our love was in dire need of help. After a long questioning and a huge work on ourselves, our couple survived.

We had to relearn how to love each other and how to live together. A long and arduous road awaited us.


What helped us? Review our daily routines and interactions. Our habits had become so negative, that we were trapped in a hellish whirlwind. We absolutely had to get out of it to hope to save our relationship.

One thing is certain: living as a couple requires effort. Hoping for a harmonious and lasting relationship without rigorously investing in it is like hoping for a great professional career without effort. impossible.

The proof.

Routine is inevitable (rekindle the flame in my relationship)

At first everything is fine.


Your relationship is synonymous with novelty. All your resources (time, energy, money) are dedicated to this new person that you find fantastic.

It’s great.

Except that over time, this person, who once sharpened your curiosity, gradually integrates your daily life until it becomes familiar. You get used to its presence and it is now the norm.

It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike. At first, this requires your full attention. All your efforts are devoted to this new learning, then you end up assimilating the exercise until it becomes an automatism.


You now practice cycling on autopilot. That is, without any particular effort, because your brain has memorized the information forever.

You create a ton of habits like that.

Look: you’ve learned to brush your teeth, drive a car, walk, read and write, etc.

Today, you realize all this without even thinking about it.


And so much the better. You would be unable to relearn everything every time. Your brain would be completely drowned out by the astronomical amount of information to be processed.

Do you see what I am getting at? (rekindle the flame in my relationship)

This mechanism also applies in your relationships, and especially within your couple. Over the years, your brain memorizes your partner to automate much of your interactions.

Unswermingly, your loved one goes into the background. The problem? If you get stuck on autopilot for too long, your love will atrophy.

You are no longer looking to maintain the flame and the problems will begin to appear. The reason? Boredom takes root in the bowels of your relationship until it generates a feeling of lack.


As a result of the races, new needs are created. And, as is often the case, you will seek to meet these needs outside of your relationship.

This mistake will let the conflicts get worse until one of you cracks…

Of course, you can avoid this.

That’s what you’re going to find out right away.


How to overcome the routine in the couple

Only one thing to do: you must at all costs inject novelty into your relationship.

It is an essential ingredient to truly last and live a fulfilling life as a couple in the long term.

Yes I know. Difficult to bring envy and freshness to revive a heart bruised by conflict. I also experienced this in my relationship.

Still, you absolutely must invest your personal resources again to hope to overcome the routine that has settled between you.


To help you, I will share with you the challenge I set myself with my darling.

This is a 30-day program where every day, you commit to carry out an action to improve your daily love.

The goal: to focus your attention on your partner and create a positive dynamic between you.

Why did I take on this challenge? (rekindle the flame in my relationship)

For the reasons mentioned above. My couple was sorely lacking in positivity. We were buried under the criticism all day long. The atmosphere between us had become unbreathable. I had to fix it at all costs to save my relationship.

You too? Would you like to get out of this negative spiral and solidify your friendship in the couple?


So, discover the 30 days program to act now in favor of your romantic relationship.

Day #1: Looking yourself in the eye

For the first day of the challenge, I immediately wanted to create a sense of vulnerability between us. Lay us bare.

For this: the action of the day consists of standing in front of your partner and, without touching each other, staring straight in the eyes for at least 3 minutes.

Looking you in the eye allows you to establish emotional contact with your spouse.


Unhappy couples have become accustomed to looking at each other less and less or with looks that reflect the negative thoughts that may have towards their partner.

On the contrary, happy couples have become accustomed to maintaining eye contact during their interactions. They do not look at each other with a look full of desire or passion, they simply look at each other.

Take a moment both quietly, isolate yourself from the noise, put yourself in a comfortable position. And for 3 minutes look yourself in the eye.

It’s up to you now.


Day #2: Walking around as a lover (rekindle the flame in my relationship)

For the second day, I decided to organize a romantic walk. The particularity? Strolling through a place still unknown to us.

This time is ideal to meet you, enjoy your company and take the time to connect emotionally with one another.

Icing on the cake: walking is an excellent activity for your well-being. It is not only beneficial for your body, but also for your head.

Above all, remember, it is the intention that counts and not the activity itself.


Have a good ride.

Discover the rest of the 30-day program to boost your couple

Want to know more about this program and the results it has generated in my relationship?

I invite you to come and read the results of my challenge by clicking here.

You will discover the remaining actions and leave with a complete 30-day program to boost your couple and enrich your love connection.


There you have it now.

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