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Emotional and emotional infidelity

When we talk about infidelity, this word is directly associated with physical adultery. Deceiving the other is synonymous with carnal relationships shared with a partner other than the person who officially shares our life. Being unfaithful is necessarily related to the pleasure of bodies for the majority of people. That is how it is, it is a reality that is ingrained in people’s minds. So much so that if we talk about emotional and emotional infidelity, many will make round eyes.

They are not going to understand or talk about hypocrisy. And yet… It does exist. Do you know what affective and emotional in-fidelity means exactly? What does it bring to those who practice it? Why doesn’t it necessarily switch to a classic, total infidelity? Is it more or less serious than traditional infidelity? This is what affective and emotional in-fidelity is, when one deceives the other without making love.



What is emotional and emotional infidelity?

Infidelity, in the traditional sense, has always been regarded as a situation where a person engages in physical intimacy with someone other than his or her partner in a couple. However, infidelity can also include emotional and emotion-al infidelity.

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It occurs when a person shares a deep bond and a real attraction, made of emotional intimacy, with someone other than their partner.

This is what happens when someone else is allowed to meet the emotional needs that need to be met by their partner. This creates an intimacy that leads to an emotional attachment and sometimes physical intimacy gets involved at one time or another.

Emotional and emotion-al infidelity can indeed be a step towards physical infidelity, since it generates a sufficiently strong bond between the two people concerned that it leads to carnal intimacy.


Signs that indicate emotional and emotional infidelity

  • Look forward and excited to see a person and spend more time with them than should be
  • Confiding his concerns and the problems encountered in his couple
  • Flirting with this person
  • Imagine yourself with this person in a romantic or intimate relationship
  • Talk about this person all the time or on the contrary hide it and never talk about it
  • Be uncomfortable talking to your partner about him because you know the relationship is inappropriate.

The causes of emotional and emotional infidelity

How do we get to emotion-al infidelity? Its causes are varied, but it can only occur through a lack of affectivity in the couple, which in one way or another deteriorates.

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The lack of tenderness, intimacy or trust causes the need of the latter, and one of the members (sometimes even both members) goes to look for them in another person. unfortunately, this also indicates a great lack of communication.

A healthy relationship, unlike an unhealthy romantic relationship, will rarely be led to failure by emotional and emotional infidelity. In a healthy couple, the channels of communication remain open and neither member of the couple is afraid to confide in the other a dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the relationship. That is why we must look for the main cause of infidelity on the communication side.

Emotional and emotional infidelity and virtual trap

Love in a couple is a wonderful bond, unfortunately, today’s life does not always have the best effect on intimate relationships. People are finding it increasingly difficult to find time to really connect with their partner. Love, like any emotion, must be nourished in order to develop well.

Whether it is the lack of time, the frantic pace of life or the multiplication of possibilities and therefore temptations, more and more couples find themselves faced with the possibility of engaging in acts of infidelity, at the risk of ruining their happiness as a couple.



Because of a parallel virtual life more and more present. Indeed, emotional infidelity is reinforced by virtual exchanges.

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No physical intimacy is involved in the emotional and emotional infidelity born of the virtual, because the people involved may or may not meet each other. The Internet has allowed people to make friends that you can never meet. Often, too, the anonymity of the Internet allows people to unite emotionally and eventually engage in emotion-al infidelity.

This form of infidelity seems to be constantly on the rise, especially with the explosion of dating possibilities on the internet.

Emotional and emotional infidelity, more or less serious than physical infidelity?

Perhaps the most basic of all psychological needs is to feel loved. Often, people who engage in infidelity feel that their emotional needs are not met with their partner. This is often one of the main reasons that people find to explain and justify their infidelity.


In emotional in-fidelity, other reasons are to be found in the availability of opportunities and the adrenaline rush that these relationships provide. The fact that the physical relationship is not necessarily involved makes many people think that emotional cheating is not that bad as it sounds. However, both infidelities, physical and emotional, can put a strain on the couple’s relationship.

In a situation of emotion-al infidelity, the beginning of infidelity is through a stage of forming a bond of friendship. Initially, this friendship may not seem to be a great threat, especially if it remains in its platonic version.

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However, the warning signal is when the person moves away from their spouse. This person is distant and the relationship with the partner may then seem emotionally disconnected. Over time, the person indulging in emotional infidelity will spend more time with the friend. These meetings can be kept secret from the partner. The moments that were initially granted to the couple relationship are used to exchange with the friend.

Just like physical infidelity, emotional infidelity can devastate a couple relationship. It is more insidious because the person commits to it without realizing it, the beginning being presented as a friendship.


It is therefore important to know how to identify it in this era of connectivity that facilitates this form of deception in a couple. Finally, emotional in-fidelity deteriorates the couple relationship in many more cases than physical infidelity.

How to avoid emotional and emotional infidelity?

The work on communication within the couple is fundamental. A strong couple must work day after day on trust and understanding. The couple consists, above all, of two friends who decide to share their lives and, moreover, who feel a physical attraction to one another.

Since emotional and emotional infidelity does not immediately involve the physical part, this is not where we should look for the main cause of deception. Carnal intercourse can be fully satisfying and, for all that, emotional infidelity can arise.

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Signs of emotional and emotional infidelity vary by couple, but often the following two signals can be identified:

  • One of the partners is distant and does not share his emotions or problems
  • Lack of intimacy and affectivity reigns between the two partners

Nevertheless, it is important not to mix everything up: if one of the two partners does not introduce the other to all the people he knows, we cannot talk about infidelity. It is necessary that both members of the couple have friends outside the couple. However, if the partner tells a third party about their problems, then a problem may exist. We need to communicate and deepen the subject.

In conclusion, to avoid emotional and emotional infidelity, one must develop a relationship of complicity and trust in one’s relationship, where communication is total.

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