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Kim Kardashian and Ye’s Divorce

No family is as open about their personal lives as the Kardashians, and that sometimes costs reality stars dearly. Such as with the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Ye, which seems to take place mainly on social media. 
The rapper is furious about the arrangement regarding the children and Kardashian is meanwhile disturbed by his expressions. What is going on?

Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce from Ye in February 2021 , but a year later, the papers are still unsigned. Initially, that is because the rapper, who at the time of his marriage to Kardashian was still going through life as Kanye West, hopes it will still work out. It is now about the upbringing of their four children and the division of the joint income, and that is not made any easier by the fact that the two have bad contact with each other. 

The contact would even have gone through security guards of the rapper for a long time.


Kim Kardashian and Ye’s Divorce

Kim Kardashian and Ye's Divorce

On May 24, 2014, Kardashian and Ye celebrate their fairytale wedding. The rapper and the reality star have been friends for years and Ye has never hidden that she is his dream woman. While Kardashian is still married to Kris Humphries, the rapper already adores her and writes songs about his desire to be with her. Four children follow: daughters North and Chicago and sons Saint and Psalm.

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The rapper struggles with psychological problems, as is regularly clear. Ye is hospitalized for hallucinating and paranoid, and in 2019 it becomes clear that he has bipolar disorder. 

That may also explain the current online feuds with Kardashian: the rapper tends to accuse people of terrible things at times when he is not doing well. For example, in 2016 he said that JAY-Z, with whom he is good friends, would have hired people to kill him.

That is a recurring theme with Ye, although it is the other way around in the feud with Kardashian. On Sunday he writes that his almost ex-wife accuses him of having hired murderers. According to the rapper, it is dangerous to say such things, but it is not at all clear what Ye is basing those accusations on.


The ruling follows a weekend of online feud that begins with Ye’s anger at his eldest daughter North’s use of TikTok. The rapper does not like the fact that his eight-year-old daughter has an account on the social medium and therefore uses another medium – Instagram – to express his displeasure. “Since this is my first divorce, I’d love to hear what I can do about my daughter being on TikTok without my permission.”

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Kardashian won’t let it go. She also responds to social media. “Kanye’s constant attacks at me in interviews and on social media are a lot worse than any TikTok North would make. As the primary caregiver for the children, I do my very best to protect them while giving them space to express their creativity under the supervision of a parent.”

The fight doesn’t end there, as Ye accuses Kardashian of keeping the kids away from him. On Sunday afternoon, that is in any case not true: the rapper is photographed with his four children. 

That also seems to be the moment when he decides to put a stop to the fight. All posts have since been removed from social media.



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