My guy lied to me about his past: How to react?

My guy lied to me about his past

My guy lied to me about his past

Do you feel that your partner lied to you? You came across a lie and you don’t know how to act? This situation leads to a real sense of betrayal. Even if we have the right to have secrets as a couple: lying is inexcusable, because it leads to a loss of trust between the partners. You ask yourself questions and you say to yourself: my guy lied to me about his past… We will analyze why lying may be present in your relationship.


Be careful, because lying creates a vicious circle

Lies inevitably lead to lies, because we will create a vicious circle, an infernal spiral from which it will be increasingly difficult to escape. Initially we will lie for a futility, but very quickly not to discover the futility we will add a second and so on. Little lies will eventually create a parallel life invented from scratch.

Lying by omission (My guy lied to me about his past)

It is when one does not tell the truth to preserve the well-being of one’s partner. If, for example, we know that someone close to them is very ill, we can tell the person that there is nothing alarming. Ditto, if you have lost your job, but you prefer to hide it to reassure the other person.

The Unhealthy Lie

It is the one in which we will enter out of desire or interest in order to create a life distorted from scratch. If, for example, you cheat on your partner and decide to lie. The other will feel that there is a malaise and the couple will lose their wealth to end up dying in the false pretenses.

Why lie in the couple?

We lie because we do not feel up to the task, we have the feeling that the lie will not create any dispute and that we will keep a semblance of peace in the couple. Unable to assume our responsibilities, we will flee out of shame and cowardice. The main concern is that confidence will deteriorate very quickly.

How to make a lie confess? (My guy lied to me about his past)

If you feel that your partner is dementing you, you will have to put things right to restore order and truth. By speaking openly without a priori and reproaches, you will be able to help the other to indulge. You will be able to understand its logic and you will be able to open up to its understanding.

It is essential not to get angry or cry, otherwise the other will turn on and sink even deeper into his lies.

How do I act after the fact if my guy lied to me about his past?

When you are sure that you have come across a lie and you have been able to have an open discussion with your partner, you will have to make a decision! Either you can forgive and you’re going to move on, or you’re going to feel stuck.

You may have suspicion of the other without actually being able to forgive. Do not stay if you feel that trust is no longer present; no couple can really function without mutual trust in their partner. The couple must remain a space of freedom and well-being, if this is no longer the case: leave your partner to focus on your happiness and your fulfillment.

But forgiving treason or adultery can take time. And a couple can perfectly get up after a lie if the rules are clear: now, no more lies!

Conclusion: My guy lied to me about his past

If you are sure that your partner lied to you about his past: You have to act! You can listen, reply or give up, but you will have to position yourself. If you let the lie settle in, it will eventually take up all the space in the couple. You will end up living by not knowing how to distinguish truth from falsehood.

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