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best gaming laptop – If you often play games on your laptop, you want a fast all-rounder that is suitable for gaming. Tweakers went in search of the best model in the price category up to 1,400 euros.

best gaming laptop

What does a decent gaming laptop need? Tweakers came out with the combination of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 video card and a 45W H processor from Intel or AMD, plus a minimum of 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage, with a screen of 15.6 to 16 inches.

Within that category and the price range, two laptops currently fall: the ASUS ROG Strix G15 and the HP Victus 16. The latter appears to offer the best balance in terms of performance after tests.

HP Victus 16

best gaming laptop

The laptop has a housing with a slightly raised area on the back near the screen, containing a few large ventilation openings. The bottom of the case is made of plastic, but the sturdiness turns out not to be so bad. The Victus 16 is easy to bend back and forth. best gaming laptop

The laptop has a good number of connections: three times USB-A, once USB-C, once HDMI, a 3.5mm combo port for a headset and a separate power connection for the relatively hefty included block. Unlike the other laptop tested, the Victus 16 also has an SD card reader. If you want to connect this laptop to a 4K screen with an image refresh of 60 Hz, then that is best done via the HDMI cable; the USB-C is less suitable for that. best gaming laptop


At 16.1 inches, the HP Victus 16 has the largest screen of the laptops tested. The test results of the screen are disappointing, but so did they with the ASUS. For example, the maximum brightness is not exactly high, making the screen difficult to read in a little ambient light. The screen shows dull and unattractive colors. You would have expected more from a laptop that is almost three times as expensive as a budget laptop of 500 euros.

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Games run smoothly on Victus 16

The tested laptops were chosen because of their RTX 3060 video card. That makes it possible to run recent titles smoothly with high settings.

Although HP limits the power consumption of the video card considerably, the Victus 16 still achieves good scores in the tests. Often the laptop is almost as fast as a more expensive machine with a stronger RTX 3070 video card. With a less heavy game title like F1, the Victus 16 is sometimes even faster. best gaming laptop

Both the memory strips and the storage of the laptop can be replaced and expanded. However, the HP laptop has a slightly lower battery than the other tested laptop: after five to seven hours of light use, the Victus 16 already gives up. That difference also disappears if you do heavier things with the laptop.


Best balance between framerate, battery and noise

For less than 1,400 euros, you can currently buy a gaming laptop with a fast NVIDIA RTX 3060 video card, which allows you to play recent games with high settings and frame rates. A good screen turns out to be difficult to find.

In the end, thanks to its Intel Alder Lake processor, the HP Victus 16 regularly performs better than you would expect. Bottom line, this laptop offers the best balance between framerates, battery life and noise in this class, with some nice extras (HDMI 2.1 and an SD card reader) but also some misses in the further version (the ‘flutter screen’ and the rattling keyboard). best gaming laptop

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best gaming laptop

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