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Going on holiday with friends when you are in a relationship

Going on holiday with friends when you are in a couple is not a crime, quite the contrary! Even more so if you live together! Vous render service to your couple by thus moving away from your spouse for a few days. But beware, there are rules to respect!


Why I’m ing with my friends

It’s now been five/six years since we instituted this with my darling! Each year, we leave a week without each other, each on our own with our respective friends. Living together for more than seven years, we see each other every day of the year and it is good and healthy to also do things each on our own! (Going on holiday with friends when you are in a relationship)


What for?

The first and main reason is that we miss each other! And, when we live together every day of the year, it is difficult to miss each other, the routine takes precedence over the extraordinary and, even if we love our little habits, missing each other reinforces the desire! Every time we meet again, we have a lot to tell each other, and above all, we are happier than ever! It’s like we’re rediscovering ourselves for several days. (Going on holiday with friends when you are in a relationship)

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The second reason is that it feels good to be with friends! We don’t necessarily do the same things as in a couple and it’s also a breath of fresh air. I have just returned from a week in Madrid with two excellent friends and we partyed like never before, we laughed, visited museums, we walked a lot and did not stop chatting about everything and nothing! My darling, he, was with his band of friends in France, at the sea and to him also did a lot of various and varied activities with his friends.

During these periods of “cutoff” I try as much as possible not to give too much news (one or two SMS per day / Two or three calls per week) to really create the lack. It’s like a game after all. A game where both partners are winners every time!


What are the rules when I go on holiday with my friends while I am in a relationship? (Going on holiday with friends when you are in a relationship)

We are talking about holidays and not breaks! There, the idea is to have fun each on his own but it remains obvious that you do not leave to go dredge (even if your girlfriends are single, in this case, arrange them blows) 

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Establish how and how you want to communicate once separated, it is important so that neither one feels frustration or feelings of abandonment.

What is also important, even if it is not always obvious, is to leave the same week! Otherwise, if you do not leave at the same time you will find yourself two weeks separated and it is really less nice to be separated when we wait for the other, alone at home.

Do not leave too long, 10 days maximum,otherwise it may become difficult and you will have less fun with your friends!


And of course, also plan a romantic trip at least as long as last week with your friends!

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