Greece identifies Russian spy who would be married to another agent who worked in Brazil

Greece identifies Russian spy
Greece identifies Russian spy The EYP (Greece’s National Intelligence Service) reported identifying a Russian spy living in the country as a false identity. Going by the name Maria Tsalla, Irina Alexandrovna Smireva lived in Athens for 5 years (since 2018) and would be married to the Austro-Brazilian Gerhard Daniel Campos Wittich, also appointed as a Russian spy.

Greece identifies Russian spy

Maria’s legitimate identity began to be revealed when the intelligence service detected an attempt to access the data of deceased Greek citizens. This practice is attributed to Russia’s Intelligence Services and dates back to Cold War times.

Data from deceased citizens would be used to create other false identities for Russian spies. Tsalla would have appropriated, in 2018, the documents of a Greek child who died in December 1991. Maria would have paid approximately 5 million euros for the new identity.

Greece identifies Russian spy

Spy Irina. (Photo: Playback/The Times)

During her life in Athens, Maria had a boyfriend. The Times reported that Maria’s boyfriend was shocked when he learned his partner’s true identity. In Greece, the spy led a quiet life, owned a crochet shop and posed as a photographer.

At the beginning of this year, the spy left Greece, she told her boyfriend that she was going to spend a few days in her homeland to deal with family matters, however, Maria never returned. According to the Greek TV channel, SKAI, the Russian secret services called her back, as well as her real husband. “Brazilian”.

The spy’s Greek boyfriend also discovered, this week, that the spy would be married to a man who lives in Rio de Janeiro. The man was identified as Austro-Brazilian.

According to The Times, Gerhard Daniel Campos Wittich also uses a false identity. In Rio de Janeiro, Wittich has a 3D printing company registered in his name.

In a post made in January, in a Facebook group of backpackers in Malaysia, a Brazilian woman asks for help in locating the man, who had been missing since the 9th of that month.

In the post, the woman says that Gerhard was out of contact with his family and that the Brazilian Embassy in Malaysia had already been called. It is not possible to find other references about the man on the networks.

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Greece identifies Russian spy  

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