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My guy talks to me badly and disrespects me

You should know that respect is vital in all relationships because it represents your human condition. If someone comes to disrespect you it is because they do not respect you as a person. Unfortunately this is a fact that tends to spread in human relationships and more particularly in the field of love. If you think “my guy speaks badly to me and disrespects me; it is that there is already a concern at the base! We do not ask ourselves this kind of question for nothing!

We will take the time to explain and understand in order to get to put a STOP when we cross the red line.



What is respect in the couple? (My guy talks to me badly and disrespects me)

Respect is the fact of understanding the other and finding an effective mode of communication allowing both parties to find a solution. We decide to go towards happiness because there are no other possible alternatives in life! Never forget: we have to push you up and never pull you down. From the moment you have the impression that your partner acts a contrarious of your desires and principles of life: we can speak of non-respect! If you think, “My guy talks to me badly and disrespects me,” it’s because you feel hurt deep inside your soul.

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Are you not confusing “focus” with “disrespect”?

It is important to differentiate between “focus” and disrespect. Indeed, the fact of being in a couple requires learning on both sides. We must get to know the other who will not always be at the top of his form and his good mood. It is possible that some words may be a little “harsh” or even “inappropriate” – in this case, you have to talk! A clarification is necessary if you feel that the other has gone beyond a certain border.

Communication is VITAL within a couple otherwise everything risks going into a spin. To get to know and respect yourself you have to learn to speak in terms of “I” so that the other can welcome your word.

But it happens that the clarifications are not enough …


From when is it disrespectful? (My guy talks to me badly and disrespects me)

It may be that hurtful words are starting to take up too many places. That the silences become more and more heavy and that the encounters are more and more unpleasant. If over time you end up feeling bad because you can no longer be yourselves: you must act!

My guy talks to me badly and disrespects me: what to do?


The risk is to shut oneself up and no longer communicate. The risk is that you will move away from your partner and damage your relationship. It is important to be able to understand what is happening in order to change the situation. Maybe your partner feels misunderstood and needs a moment by your side to clear up the situation. Very often under the point of anger we will tend to come out with words that can become evils. You must also learn to express yourself to verbalize your feelings and feelings. It is only from that moment that you will be able to open another door which is that of: communication and understanding. Speech is life-saving and can fix 90% of problems!

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2. Questioning yourself

When you have listened and understood what your partner is telling you: it will be time to change! Indeed, perhaps your habits, behaviors or reactions are inappropriate at certain times. Maybe you will have to get into the habit of making head-to-head during which you will take the time to put everything flat. Having the ability to question oneself is a sign of intelligence! If you can show your change to your partner, you will open a new path for them. You will be surprised to find that he too manages to question himself and change.

3. Make a decision (My guy talks to me badly and disrespects me)

If words and agreements lead you to a dead end, it is because you have to make a decision. You have to respect yourself and decide to move forward because you deserve the best. If you are not able to go towards the road of self-love you will go to your loss. Respect is not a condition, it is an obligation! There are no other alternatives. If your partner does not change and does not take into account your requests it is time to leave. You will not be able to flourish in a one-way relationship in which you will leave feathers. It will be hard at first but as you will go towards the path of your respectability: everything will be fine! You have to surround yourself with people who pull you up and leave those who pull you down. There are no other possible paths! If you think “my guy talks badly to me and disrespects me” is that it’s just time to go to a guy who will bring you happiness and serenity.


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